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      RSI authentication - All Members   03/17/18

      All,   I am pleased to announce we have completed the first steps in the RSI authentication tool.   What's an RSI authenticated member?  Someone who is in the Tactical Advance organization on the RSI website.  (You must have us as your main organization for you to be approved)   What does this bring to the Tactical Advance Organization    This gives us greater control over who can see what content on the forum.  For example, currently if anyone signs up (not a member) they can see all division content.  Going forward only RSI authenticated members will be able to see divisional forums. Who's in the Tactical Advance Organization?.  Prior to the RSI authentication tool we did not know unless we matched the whole RSI website against the forum and TeamSpeak manually,  logistically unpractical for a large organization.  The RSI authenticated member tool automates this for us across the RSI, our forum and TeamSpeak. This also adds greater security and remove manual intervention. Who can access organization areas on  TeamSpeak?. Currently, anyone can access all the rooms, going forward only RSI authenticated members will be able to access organization related rooms.   Adding the RSI authenticated member tool makes roles redundant, we can now refocus these people on in-game activities.   In addition to the above, we have been working on improving the new member experience.  Getting started in Star Citizen and signing up to an organization is not a straightforward process and can seem fragmented.  For this reason we introduced a wizard that will guide new members through the 4-step process.  This is a work in progress and we will be adding more content over time.   I am really pleased with the progress we have made over the past few years.  We will be the best organization out there, leading the way in technology and at the same time creating the best experience for our members.  A big thank you to all the people who helped make this organization what it is today.   Please click the link below and authenticate yourself now, the cutoff date is the 31st March 2018  RSI authentication now
    • Tactical Advance

      Join us on Steam   08/06/17

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