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  1. Roy added a post in a topic Decisions....   

    I'm completely with you .. that's why I choose diplomacy - you'd never figure out till the very last second - what skill would you require to go through the next challenge
  2. Rakasan added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    Life has kept me gripped in a vice for a bit but I'm looking forward in getting some flight time in 3.0. I've missed meetings, timetables and game nights and yet to decide  on what division I should dedicate myself too. I propose the Jack-of-all-Trades division for now since I cannot make up my mind for nothing! I love to dogfight, escort my clanmates to their destination, haul and trade, smash some roids for those needed minerals, man your turret and raise your shields, cover your 6 or take point, so you can see my dilemma. Anyone else in the same boat??
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  3. Rakasan added a post in a topic Time Zones List   

    GMT-6(CST) Is where I need to be.
  4. solarfire added a post in a topic Happy boy   

    I got the RSI Constellation version  but i think i need to get a new one mine is starting to wear out lol
  5. ichi added a post in a topic Happy boy   

    no doubt, its not really soft enough to serve as a pillow

  6. Akanoes added a post in a topic Happy boy   

    You sure it's a mouse pad and not a carpet? xD
  7. ichi added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    Happy boy
    look what arrived in the mail today, my new humongous SC mouse pad
    forgiveness please for the low light shot
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  8. solarfire added a calendar event in Community Calendar   

    Military Meeting


    General Meeting
    All members of Military Division are invited to attend
  9. Fatie89 added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    I'm exited, it looks amazing. I actually liked Andromeda (and Inquisition) even at the level of quality it had, so from what I've seen from this, I'm interested.
    And remember folks, we have not really seen anything yet. Don't make a decision yet on how you love or hate this game. The only thing we've seen is a bit of gameplay and what the graphic hopefully looks like. The story might actually be incredible, or just dirt, wait and see.
  10. Waor added a post in a topic Father's Day Weekend Sale   

    You sound like one of those old people, "Back in my day we had RtV; not this Happy Hour garbage! *shakes cane vigorously*"
    I've really started enjoy HH more and more. Last couple they had Josh Herman on making creatures and stuff on stream, showing the process and allowing the viewers to mold it. HH Museum isn't bad either, it's crazy to see how far we've come in video game graphics etc.
  11. Akanoes added a post in a topic Father's Day Weekend Sale   

    Well, tbh, I never bothered watching them.. when they switched from RtV to this garbage that no one asked for.. I kinda refused watching them xD
    I guess it makes sense to give info in them about sales and stuff.. Just wish they would do something useful in them besides play some SC (and sometimes not even that XD)
  12. Waor added a post in a topic Father's Day Weekend Sale   

    How dare you! Happy Hour always has valuable information! 
    Before the bi-weekly Happy Hours, I noticed it was extremely common for them to release information during the stream; especially if it was teased during the recent AtV. It's their last chance before the weekend and a good opportunity to get sales moving.
  13. Groth added a topic in General Game Discussion   

    "Free" Rebel Galaxy on GoG
    If you do any purchase until June 20th 2:59PM CEST, you get the great little space game Rebel Galaxy for free. So overall it's not free, but with their summer sale going on , you can get Rebel Galaxy and like one of the Wing Commander titles for example together for 1.49 USD.
    Here is a link to the game itself:
    It's a great title to play until there is more to do in SC.
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  14. Lumpy added a post in a topic This guy just applied to join, should we admit to TA?   

    I think its a she, and damned sexy! I vote let her/him in.
  15. Akanoes added a post in a topic Father's Day Weekend Sale   

    Oh wow, something useful was mentioned in a Happy Hour? xD
  16. RSLtaken added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    It looks smaller than a dragonfly so it should have no problem. 
  17. Roy added a post in a topic This guy just applied to join, should we admit to TA?   

    He obviously is a very bright person .. let's see .. if he is friendly, affiliation is just a local club and he is almost 18 ... at least we could welcome him as a recognized guest
  18. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    CitizenCon 2947 Tickets Inbound!
    Greetings Citizens
    We would like to invite you, our fantastic backers, to CitizenCon 2947! This is our opportunity to celebrate another year with our community, look back on all that has been accomplished, as well as looking forward to upcoming game content. This year we will be celebrating in Frankfurt, home of our German Studio. For backers who are already in town on the Thursday we look forward to meeting you at the Champion’s Bar in the Marriott Frankfurt from 6pm.
    Ticket Details
    CitizenCon 2947 will be held on Friday 27th October at Capitol Theater in Frankfurt: Kaiserstraße 106, 63065 Offenbach am Main. Doors will open in the evening with exact timings to be confirmed closer to the date.
    Come along to see Chris Roberts’ live presentation, meet the team from the Frankfurt office, as well as visiting staff from other studios.
    Grab a ticket to ensure your seat at the show. The 650 tickets for Capitol Theater are €50 each and will go on sale with the following format:
    Saturday 1st July 7PM CEST: 150 Tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers only.Saturday 1st July 11PM CEST: 150 Tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers only.Sunday 2nd July 7PM CEST: 150 Tickets, now available to all backers.Sunday 2nd July 11PM CEST: The remaining 200 Tickets available to all backers.There will be snack food available for purchase at the venue, though attendees are encouraged to meet up and enjoy a meal together before the event.
    Tickets will be available here
    Frequently Asked Questions
    There is a nearby ParkPlatz: Speyerstraße 30, 63065 Offenbach am Main
    Should you find a parking spot on the street nearby, please be aware that this may be chargeable at all hours.
    What to Bring
    PLEASE remember to bring your printed ticket or a digital copy stored on your phone in addition to your photo ID. If you have a Citizen Card or any Star Citizen clothing, bring it (cosplay encouraged).
    There is a bar at the venue for drinks, as well as snack food (sandwiches, wurst and pizza). Attendees are highly encouraged to meet up and enjoy a meal prior to the show.
    Each year, fans have kindly offered gifts for the team. Unfortunately, since many of us will be flying out the next day we are unable to accept anything at the event. We truly appreciate the thought though!
    Is the Capitol Theater wheelchair accessible?
    Yes. There is wheelchair access to most of the venue, including toilets.
    Can I bring my own food and drink?
    No, this is not allowed for the venue – Please stop by one of the traditional German restaurants nearby before the event, or purchase food and drinks at Capitol.
    Will there be seating available?
    Yes, this is a seated event.
    Is there an age restriction for the venue?
    Yes, the event is 18+
    Can people bring their own seating for the wait?
    You may bring a small foldable seat to use while outside the theater, however use of them inside the premises is prohibited, so you would need to use the coat check once inside. Please only bring what you’ll need with you to the event, as well as your Star Citizen merchandise!
    Is there a Coat Check?
    Attendees will be encouraged to store their belongings in the visitor’s cloakroom. Coats, jackets, bags, umbrellas etc., may be asked to be checked if they are large; with deference to everyone’s safety and ease of access. This facility is included in your ticket price, but be sure not to lose your coat check ticket!
    What do I do before the show?
    Rather than queuing up for hours beforehand, we encourage backers to meet up nearby. Keep an eye on Spectrum for posts on this topic closer to the event date.
    If there are unsold tickets from Saturday 1st, will they be available to all backers when tickets are added on the 2nd?
    Yes. On Sunday 2nd the ability to purchase tickets will be unlocked to all backers, which will include any previously unsold tickets.
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  19. ichi added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    This guy just applied to join, should we admit to TA?
    says he's an affiliate of another Org, and not quite 18, asked him to get on TS later to meet everyone
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  20. Waor added a topic in Ship and Equipment Discussion   

    Father's Day Weekend Sale
    Mentioned on Happy Hour today: 
    For Fathers Day, the M50 Interceptor and the MISC Razor will go on sale over the weekend.
    Edit -  Link added
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  21. Waor added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    During the Livestream today they mentioned the Nox:
    $40 with LTI
    They are hoping to have it in for 3.0.
  22. Waor added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    This may not work as well as the Dragonfly due to the Alien Tax this is likely incur.
  23. Grey_cold_Wind added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    This is BS. This thing will do objectively less than a ship and because it is alien, it will cost far too much. My guess is more than some of the ships. Less work, more money. It looks cool and stuff, but why straight to the alien tech? Do none of the other human manufacturers have space bikes? They will, sure, but this will cost more AND they can make it fairly quickly (less time than a ship I mean). Again, less work, more money.

    Anyway, looking forward to buying one
  24. Grey_cold_Wind added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    I don't know... it all looks convoluted. The only reaction can be :

  25. Drakin added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    From a lot of posts I've read, it seems that the only thing a bunch of people see is a cheap LTI token.