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  1. Drakin added a post in a topic World of Warships - Game Update 0.6.6   

    I played the Aegis scenario last night and must have gotten lucky with the random team generator, as we worked well together and pulled off a four star victory. I may have to see if I can get a five star victory tonight
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    I'm glad they finally took the time to explain exactly what "serialized variables" means. It was a really good explanation of a very complicated subject, I thought.
  3. Akanoes added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    Better question, will this fit in a Caterpillar? Because this looks way better than the dragonfly, I NEED ME 2 OF THESE!
  4. SleeppingWolf added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    from spectrum 

  5. The_Director added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    What I need to know is why ISNT this the 600 sale?
  6. solarfire added a post in a topic World of Warships - Game Update 0.6.6   

    here is a link to World of Warships Aslain's mod
  7. ichi added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    what I need to know is will it fit in a 600?
  8. Waor added a topic in Ship and Equipment Discussion   

    Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox
    Appears next concept sale will be the Xi'an Nox, a space bike, rivaling the DRAKE Dragonfly.
    Price is currently unknown.

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  9. RSLtaken added a post in a topic star kitten aurora confirmed   

    That going on every ship I give the military 
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    Around the Verse - Serialized Variables
    Chris and Erin Roberts host this week’s episode, which focuses on how serialized variables make networking a game of this size and scope possible. Plus, Los Angeles provides a studio update.
    Studio Update
    EKD spent part of the month working in the Frankfurt & Wilmslow offices but is glad to be homeNarrativeKnocking out a massive amount of component descriptions needed for the 3.0 releaseWorking on NPC voice packs for 3.0: wrote and recorded roughly 2800 lines for generic NPCsCreated the Persistent Universe Character Tracking Sheet to recorded details of all dialogueReviewing locations and noting what's needed to make more immersive environmental storytellingCargoWrapped up developing the Cargo Grids to provide the visual element of transporting commoditiesThe number of commodities you have manifests as stacks of crates located within the ship's cargo holdYou can put vehicles and loose items into the cargo hold as well, but it will limit the amount of grid spaceEngineeringFinished up implementing the solar system content (aka object containers) into a hierarchyProvided object container editing so that content in an object container can be edited from within a normal levelReworked the handling of vehicle internal damage states so they are significantly easier to setup and debugThe IFCS update process has been converted to batch updates as it does not need to be in lockstep with physicsCompleted the new Quantum Drive 2.0: refactored the drive component and added new features; ready for Design, Art and UIShipsRSI Aurora has gone through a final art check; established 14 different skins for designersAnvil Terrapin is finalising its greybox phase and moving to final art; also in Tech Design greyboxWith the Item 2.0 conversion underway it was time to update update the ship stats page on the websiteTech Art & AnimationReviewing the release to identify code and content fixes that would dramatically improve performanceStatoscope produces, manages and plots graphs from the data logged on a per frame basisImproved the animations save format: scene load times reducedFemale transfer mesh created, male transfer mesh updatedIdentified and fixed an issue with eyelid vertex normals being flippedCharactersKnocking out countless costumes for Squadron 42 and Star CitizenA female character in-game assets is being finished ready for texturingOMC undersuits have finished in-game modelling and on their way to texturingLevski specific civilians and miners are currently being textured before being rigged and implementedReworking legacy UEE and Pirate armour to bring them up to the quality of our current modular assetsA select group of hairstyles and eye options coming in 3.0Male Marine BDU, Male Deck Crew, Female Light Armour and Female Explorer Flight Suit are all implementedBehind the Scenes: Serialized Variables
    Clive Johnson, Foundry 42 UK's lead network programmer was terrified at the prospect of networking Star Citizen, but soon took the impossible problem and broke it down into smaller impossible problemsAll the thousands of elements and entities in the game that might be used thousands of times with certain behaviors or uses has to be implemented in code for both Squadron 42 and Star CitizenThough there are 60 programming engineers and six networking engineers with only three dedicated to making the game work in multiplayer, all have to make sure individually that their code works in multiplayerApplication Programmer Interface (API) cushions the programmer from the problems they want to solve by allowing them to say exactly what it is they want to do, but without saying how to do itLike with assisted driving the API can take action to prevent programmer's mistakes from causing a crashAPIs simplify the programmer's jobs not unlike how driverless cars simply require a destinationMultiplayer games from the purview of programmers are simply many tables and values that correspond to different properties of an entityThese tables help track variables and how their values change over timeProgrammers write code that references multiple tables to produce what one sees in a game-playMultiplayer requires the servers after making changes to these tables to copy them and send them to all of the client machines so that everyone's in syncSince there are hundreds of these variables or properties that must be kept in sync over the network one can periodically send a state of all the tables out, but that can cause bandwidth related issues with higher numbers of entitiesAlternately and what is done now is to only send out a copy if the table is changed for an entityEntities are built by putting different components togetherProblem is with exponential growth of components they also had increase in networking work needed to cover all different entity types, this is when they came up with serialized variableNow programmers just need to write code as normal and item variables to their components as needed with the only extra step being marking variables they want networked in a special waySerialization being the process of packing up data in a form that’s more efficient and better suits being sent over the network or serialized to a fileProgram only needs to write the additional lines that are highlights and on the right and add them to their class definition, this tells the system which members of the structure to watch/updatePreviously they would have needed specific functions for each class and programmers would have had to manually look at the variables they wanted to serialize and write them out into the serialization stream, this leads to extra work and possible errors  Now programmers mark up which variables they want serialized and it’s handled automatically through one unified system, there is also now no need to group things into sections anymoreAPI detects when something’s been modified and let’s the netcode know, even writes the code to handle serialization for them  Update messages are now about as optimized as they’re going to getSerialized variables just don’t work for multiplayer and networking, instead of sending tables/values/variables between server and client they can now store them in the database or save them as a file  Serialized variables is also a cornerstone of building a persistent universe, it’ll require multiple servers communicating with each otherThis means several servers can be aware of an entity all at the same time, how they decide which one gets the final say is using tokensA token can only be held by one computer at a time, this means by linking serialized variables and tokens they’ll be able to transfer authority from one server to another as quickly as flicking a switchCourtesy of Relay
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    star kitten aurora confirmed

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    Andromeda was made by a different Bioware studio though, probably cause the proper one was working on this garbage.. sad times =<
  13. Grey_cold_Wind added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    I agree about Dragon Age. I am still mad about Mass Effect:Andromeda. f**k them and their stupidity. f**k me and my decision to buy those games.
  14. The_Director added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    Honestly it's a destiny game produced by a separate developer.
    I can't say I'm impressed.
  15. Akanoes added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    If they'd shown more I might be interested but they showed very little. It is very pretty and it could be the new destiny maybe, but so far it looked rather boring.
    So far though, I'd say I hate it. This doesn't look like a Bioware game at all. Instead of an amazing story RPG, we get some generic multiplayer garbage.. Although tbf, Bioware completely destroyed their latest Dragon Age game. So maybe a switch was necessary?
  16. Niernen added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    might be supercool or not
  17. Benjamin_Smaridge added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    if done right it could be amazing
  18. solarfire added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    more of the same ....
  19. Tactical Advance added a topic in General Game Discussion   

    ANTHEM? What do you think?
    Looks so far what do you thing?
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  20. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Main features of StarEngine
    Tiranasta on Spectrum asked what the difference between StarEngine and Cryengine is. Ali Brown answered the following: 
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  21. Dan added a post in a topic PU roles Ideas   

    yeh this wouldn't be posted on the forums or anywhere it would be more of a trust thing to tell members where all your stuff is, although we will have org bases and such where members will hang out and store org resources
    although if your just looking for fellow members the best place would be to go on teamspeak 
  22. FoggyEagle added a post in a topic PU roles Ideas   

    It's classified information. In my opinion.
  23. solarfire added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Star Citizen: Citizens of the Stars - Jub Bauer and AndrewRall
    Check out this "Start" Citizen thingy i had a feeling they gona come out with some vid's for starters, which is handy academy could use them basic vids  Roy   hehe
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  24. CaptainDragonScales added a post in a topic PU roles Ideas   

    Hi all. (Just a baby Org member here, so please forgive my ignorance, as maybe there is some form of this already?)
    A Full Member LOCATION-MAP  / ADDRESS BOOK - broke out by Division.
    It could be used as a quick reference since there are so many members now.  It should be the responsibility of the Members, or Division Heads (and not the Admins) to kept up to date.
    It could have information like -
    - Our Hanger Location(s) or if people have a "Preferred" Location.  I.E. "My Hospital Ship, or Lab is located on the Backside of Stanton 2A". "Orion ship 'MUNCHY' is mining the OSIRIS BELT ALPHA (This WEEK).
    - A short note on the times that they are normally playing? (If there is a "Friends" or "Org" list in the game, that can be used to quickly cross reference those Members?  Teamspeak is good, but this could help set expectations for the MOB, and make it easier to engage.
    * Finding members might be easier than I think? However, this could help facilitate finding Org resources and other Teams playing in that part of space already.  TIP: Or even when you'll pretty much be on your own there, and should maybe ask for help?
  25. Akanoes added a post in a topic Anthem, The new Bioware game   

    This is EA we are talking about, even if it is $20 they'll have like a $60 season pass or some bullshit xD