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  1. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Anthem, The new Bioware game   

    If it was on sale and cheap enough, round 20$, id pick up a copy, maybe...
  2. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Dreamsheet 1151. 2066 is untested and not out yet. Thoughts?   

    Yea, Im just going to wait for the 2066 motherboard and x series 4.0ghz i5 at a cheap price to come out. Gaming really doesnt use too many cores, so this new i5 will be quite literally ground breaking for the pc gaming market
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    It reminds me a bit of the division, where there is drop in co-op.
    But ya I saw zero content that made me say "shut up and take my money"!
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    Anthem, The new Bioware game
    I'm still not sure what to make of this game, graphics are good and I like the idea of these exosuits but the gameplay was very lacking. Also worried this kind of game wastes Biowares true potential, they are so good at stories and this just feels like a destiny/division-like game that focuses more on multiplayer and less on epic story.
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    Pretty sure it is as they said in the last ATV that they finished it  
  6. SleeppingWolf added a post in a topic Monthly Studio Report: May 2017   

    could be the nox
  7. ichi added a post in a topic Monthly Studio Report: May 2017   

    there's a hint about a new ground vehicle, I wonder if its ready for 3.0?
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    Monthly Studio Report: May 2017
    Welcome to the Monthly Report for May 2017, a detailed list of what the developers in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Austin, and the UK have been up to for the past four weeks in both written and video form.
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  9. Waor added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0, Part 2   

    I liked the outfit, although the excessive amount of blush was extremely distracting.. The entire time I was like, "Why are your cheeks so excessively pink?"
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    Military Training


    We intend to have a Military training in both Star Marine and Arena Commander. Anybody is welcome and both games will be played simultaneously so that you can choose according to your preference :-).
    I suppose this training should start 1 hour after the last branch meeting started.
  11. Drakin added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0, Part 2   

    I thought Sandi was wearing a negligee at first.
    She makes some interesting fashion choices, but she tends to get away with it since she happens to be pretty hot.
    Soooooo glad that Alexis from the Citizens of the Stars doesn't try to pull off the same outfits...
  12. ichi added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0, Part 2   

    the Gladius cockpit is a dud tho, everything else is very cool
  13. Niernen added a post in a topic Get Payday 2 for free!   

    thx mate 
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    Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0, Part 2
    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host today's episode, which features a UK studio update and part two of our feature on how Item 2.0 affects ships.
    Studio Update
    Air traffic controller sprint: Initial groundwork complete and now moving on to more functionality including communication with ATCIntroducing a new hint system to make initial learning curve lower for new playersChanging how a player spawns into a level (Ex: if a component is added to a bed it will be assumed the player will need to be attached correctly to it and play the normal lie down/idle animation correctly), this removes a large amount of FlowGraph data and simplifies setup for the level  Continuing work for missions in 3.0 with progress on implementation of Mission Broker and Mission ManagerThese determine how a mission and all objectives are presented to/given to the player to complete and also be tracking what missions a player already has/how far through objectives they areAI locomotion: Refining the way Ai walks/runs around a levelImplemented a new path smoothing algorithm which makes AI traversal around corners more naturalCurrently working on making reaching that point and going into whatever animation required seamless as possibleGraphics team: Wrapping up/bug fixing major features mentioned in last update such as lit fog, real time environment probes for planet lightings, etcTweaks to lighting model to improve appearance of ground reflections of the sun on planets at sunset/sunriseUK Animation team: Continued work on FPS weapons with previous complete for Gemini L86 ballistic pistolArrowhead now close to final with some minor polish work left for reload statesTakedowns gone from implementation pass to more refined animation passAI animation work ongoing with improvement to posing of enemy patrol states and reactions to sight/soundTeam helping to export remaining gameplay story cinematic scenes so Design can implement and better visualize the story within levels they're working onDerby Animation team: Finishing off facial animations for 3.0 mission givers and Eckhart's body animation is being polished/implementedSome of the team attended a PU audio/facial shoot in LondonVFX team: Continued tests of new lightning entity focusing on smaller scale interior electrical effectsTesting features in new particle system as provided by Graphics team including better trail options and depth buffer based collisionsFirst Levski exterior VFX pass underwayCutlass flight ready VFX including interior damage and thruster effects now doneContinued work on atmospheric flight effects with focus on play testing/bug fixing/testing new features provided by Graphics/Engineering teamsOngoing polish for VFX for new weapons and reworked version is continuing up to 3.0 releaseArt side: Origin 600i concept process now finishedNext ground vehicle moving along and about to kick off a whole new round of shipsShip weapons they've take Klaus and Werner styling from FPS weapons and used it to influence worn on Klaus and Werner laser repeaterLooking at some cool looking MaxOx neutron repeatersArt team: Working away at further Shubin Mining Station interiorsContinued work on providing infrastructure to habitation pods including comms arrays/water collectors/small deployable communication unitsSpace scenes getting facelift for 3.0 release, adding texture and visual interest to space overworld big priority for 3.0 releaseReworked some of the distant nebula in Stanton systemWorking on large scale nebula rendering techniques using Pyro system as a test case, techniques will help create interstellar scale nebulaSQ42: Exploring the look/feel of the Coil using powerful fluid simulations to help achieve this lookOngoing work for Truck Stop Stations materialsWork on solar panelsRest of Truck Stop team are finalizing main hull pieces before proceeding to front/back sections of stationsSpecial consideration being made to ensure to nothing looks visually repetitiveDetailing areas around landing pad ongoing including adding more visual complexity to back of landing pad/around the borders on edge of the padSurface Outposts: More archetypal outposts have had a dressing and lighting pass including emergency shelterAs well as illegal drug lab which may/may not be on one of the moonsPlanet integration materials for outpost exterior tested/tweaked for sand/ice biomesBranding prototyping explored for procedural locations with Rayari brand as test case including main logos/text along with secondary logos, indents, etcThis would procedurally swap brands depending on ownership of the outpostShip team: Reclaimer work completed on drone room with focus on drone deployment/storage mechanismEngine room also been completed making use of repurposed assets from IdrisExterior damage setup nearing completion with internal geometry being built to be exposed when ship takes damageWork on derelict ship/wreckage elements coming to end for initial batchSupport now in place for Design to create mission scenarios based on derelict ships in space/on planetsMaterial variations of each ship created so ships will look embedded to the surface typeAll that's remaining are technical elements such as LODs, vis areas, collisionsGladius cockpit revamped/relit for new cockpit experienceArt side it's been achieved by clearing a channel between top support screens to reveal Gatling gun on the nose, making a range of interactive buttons, remodeling throttle for improved functionalityCockpit canopy extended for better clarity and new interior lighting addedHull C exterior work on finishing landing gear mechanisms and detailing inner bay areas while creating initial animations and work towards final artFront section of interior now modelling complete and getting a detailed lighting passOnce complete tunnel section/rear engine room will be modelled and lit in same fashionLive Design team: Moving ahead with content for PU, giving needed attention to existing Arena Commander and Star Marine mapsDying Star had procedural asteroids addedStar Marine maps received balancing changesEcho 11 some adjustments to capture pointsLast Stand and Demien added a new EVA route from Marine spawn zone to Landing Pad BUI front: New features making their way into mobiGlasProgress on home screen functionality and displaying elements of actor status, atmospheric readouts, suit status readouts, personal overviewPlayer loadout management working as an app in mobiGlas, should easily carry over to handle ship loadout customization as well as is currently in Arena Commander frontend menuWorking to get mobiGlas UI in general to be projected using new render to texture techWork on designing/implementing upcoming character customization menu on frontend which will be included in 3.0Players will be able to create/customize various characters in PUAudio team: Features for 3.0 release including Procedural Planet Ambience systemRefining approach on how to produce ship armaments and first person audioProducing sound schemes for different kinds of diegetic user interfaces that will feature in 3.0Preparation begun for foley session to ensure audio coverage for character clothing/armour and content to extend footsteps system furtherProgress on foundational audio tech such as dynamic bank loading/actor status system/audio propagation system/music logic system/content production for derelict ships/bespoke 3.0 location sound design/ship damage effects/audio support/ship improvements/etcShip Migration, Part 2
    Seatsthe original seats were part of the vehicle system and controlled enters, exits, etc.1.0 seats turned them into a more generic system but they couldn't play animations on the vehicleended up with two systems vehicle seats for single seaters and 1.0 seats for multi-crew2.0 seats solved this by creating seat, seat dashboard and a seat access items2.0 seats required them to break out all the assets into different items and animations into different stateshad to do it ship by ship: all ships are very special snowflakesUI1.0 seats used an ISeatHost structure which many systems, including UI, hooked intothe UI was listening to all these crazy events and had to rely on the seat hostif the seat host disappeared but didn't unregister it could crash or cause all sorts of problems2.0 infrastructure relies on the item components rather than the seat or vehiclecurrently have to maintain 1.0 and 2.0 system until they can switch off the old systemEventsthe original events system sent an event to the vehicle which dispatched it to every itemthe issues were every item got every event, they got them immediately and it ran the main threadreplaced it with a multi-threaded event system: items have their own event system and can link to each otheritems process pull down and process events during their batch update then dispatch events to other itemsControllerswith the old system each item would handle it's own full set of logic2.0 introduced the new concept of a control manager, controllers and subitemsplayer connects to the control manager (e.g. ship) which connects to controllers (e.g. power) which connects to itemsnow items have very specific logic and the controller takes the input from the user and translates it for the itemscall it a control hierarchyCourtesy of Relay 
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  15. Akanoes added a topic in General Game Discussion   

    Get Payday 2 for free!

    They are giving away 5 milion free copies! Click on the image to get it =3
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  16. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    Ryzen= Socket AM4, 1500X - 3.5ghz, 4 cores, 8 threads, 4x512kb L2 Cache, 16MB L3 cache, 65W.
    Intel= Socket 2066 (R4), Core i5-7640X, 4 core, 4 thread, 4.0 Ghz, 4x256kb L2 Cache, 6Mb L3 Cache, 112w
    Both Processors support 16 PCI-e 3.0 Lanes and both support dual channel DDR4 2666 Ram.
    If anyone is familiar with gaming, hyperthreading to 'synthetic' cores always brings a diminishing performance, as youre asking one core to do the work of two.
    I guess it comes down to cost eh?
    242$ for Intel
    189$ for AMD
    AMD's closest processor to clock speed is the 1600X or 1800X, and both of these cost more than the Intel Processor (even if by a few dollars)
    To top it off Intel is launching a new socket 2066 to go with it, and that brings amazing promise. Say the i5 7640X somehow gets outdated, I can assure you Intel will run with this new socket for years to come, and I can already tell you that I could just overclock the proc by a small amount, and switch to liquid cooling should the heat build up too much.
    Did I mention Intel works better with nVidia GPU's?
    Which still run the market as best GPU.
    New X Series Intel CPU's will be my next upgrade.
    Ryzen can stuff it with its slow clock speeds.
  17. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    Yea.. Ryzen has a lot of cores and threads.
    But Intel still has a 4.0 gig BASE clock speed in their 239$ proc
    If your gonna build a powerhouse to do other stuff sure, but the average gamer will not see a benefit from that many cores, most of the time you see a diminishing return with large core counts.
    4 core, 4 thread, 4.0 ghz with 16 pci-e channels is more than enough for anyone with a single gpu (mind you, you dont see a real benefit with standard gaming with dual gpu) and looking to still get over 60fps.
    Ill stick with intel, they still have ryzen beat in the gaming market.
    All the tests with ryzen, by the way, use titan x gpu's to fluff these numbers.
  18. Yodel added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    Some good info in this one
    And don't think there is any fan boys here just gamers there is looking to get most for there money 
  19. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards
  20. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    I mean, this is a good watch and all, but this guy, like LinusTechTips, is ranting and raving about features regular gamers will never use.
    Most, if not all, games are single thread, single gpu designed games.
    So.. you can have a thousand cpu cores, but it wont do jack.
    Intels new $282 X series i5 will be more than adequate at 4 core 4 thread with 16 pci-e lanes.
    If you want to buy the i9, thats on you, but its really only for the 'enthusiast' who's going to use all that.
    Hell, even the RAID system is pretty much an add on. and no reasonable gamer should use raid, not with SSD's being here now.
    But if you're into the AV network, yea, go with the Ryzen, but gamers really wont benefit from the additional threads and lanes, especially if the motherboard isnt even designed for it.
    IF AMD pushes a mobo that supports nVidia, it will be worth it, but if youre a amd fanboy, go ahead.
    My only issue is that no one is doing these tests with run of the mill cards everyone has. They are running twin titans. Which... yea, is hyper unrealistic for the average joe
  21. ichi added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    CIG says moons will have unique grav and atmo
    first word, via Spectrum, we'll see how this plays out, but if it holds true this will be cool
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    A solid build. Anything beyond AM3 should feel like a considerable improvement. However I agree with Drakin that unless you can't afford to delay an upgrade any longer, it may be better to just wait. With SSD and RAM memory reaching some of their peak prices and Intel's Coffee Lake supposedly coming out at the end of the year promising mainstream 6 core processing (which I believe is what Drakin was alluding to) a little more patience could go a long way. We've been stuck in an endless loop of Quad core processors for nearly a decade and have only recently started realizing it's limitations. Buying a quad-core now almost feels like buying an old blackberry phone on the heels of the first "smartphone" release (aka Iphone). Okay maybe not that transformative but we will finally be able to escape this plateau. 1151 is a strong and stable platform, but it won't provide the kind of future proof system your looking for. 
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    World of Warships - Game Update 0.6.6
    In Update 0.6.6, we introduce a new game mode – the Scenario Mode
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