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On Saturday June 10, at 5:30PM UTC (1730UTC) following the Director Meeting the Academy will hold a regular meeting in TS.  The meeting will end prior to the start of the Org General Meeting.

All members of the Academy encouraged to attend.


  • Housekeeping/Introductions
  • Discussion of the Draft Academy Charter (under construction, will be sent out soon)
  • Basic Training Project
  • Academy Name
  • Q&A/General Discussion
  • Division Meeting Schedule - discuss members' ability to participate at this time and determine best schedule going forward

Please reply here with a post if you can attend (or not attend) or if you have an agenda item for discussion

hope to see you there

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I will be there ... my headphones decided to die today after a few years of a service, so I may end up sitting on my backup w/o mic .. but hopefully it wouldn't be that bad

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