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first rule of flight club, you don't talk about flight club. second rule of flight club, DO NOT talk about flight club. third rule, fly safe. forth and final rule, if this is your first time at flight club you have to fly. (cuz we want to get drunk) Ship fan club.


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  2. This is the commercial that got me into the game. I understand that the voice is Lance Henriksen (sp?) AKA Bishop from Aliens. The wild split shot is so typical of CIG making every ship seem OP. Also love the bumper sticker.
  3. I do like the Mustang Delta for flight and dogfight, although the weapons seem weak in 2.6.3 and its kinda hard to match the pips from the different weapons. I hope they bring back the ability to throw guns on the dumbfire rocketpod slots. The Gamma is the ship I use to race in the most, its fast and agile and has good view, its not as good as the 350 or m50 but ... those ships kill me too often cause they're super easy to get outta control in.


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