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  2. Hi all, We are planning a get together after the org meeting tomorrow for some Star Citizen fun hope you can join us. Kind regards Slaine.
  3. also check out the Daymar thread on TA Spectrum for pics https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/TADVANCE/forum/64317/thread/daymar-group
  4. In 3.0 PTU Daymar has eight marked locations on the surface and six Orbital Markers. The orbital markers are in geosynchronous orbit and are equidistant from each other. When you jump from Port Olisar you arrive at 515 km above the surface, which is rotating beneath you, so on each arrival the surface locations will be in a different direction and distance from your jump arrival location. The table below shows the distances from each OM to each location on the surface. The shortest distance to Bountiful Harvest, for example, is from OM-6. It may be quicker and easier to simply fly from your arrival location to the surface location, or you may be able to make a short jump to a OM and then descend. Distances are in KM and rounded to nearest 5. Daymar from Yela OM-1 OM-2 OM-3 OM-4 OM-5 OM-6 dist 44415 arrival above 515 ArcCorp Mining Area 141 575 390 745 560 705 310 Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics 515 645 770 620 480 240 Eager Flats Emergency 365 655 370 720 470 715 Shubin Mining Fac SCD-1 350 675 405 725 440 695 Wolf Point Emergency 560 770 475 580 235 650 Kudre Ore 430 705 710 680 390 380 Dunlow Ridge Emergency 615 225 550 525 775 630 Tamdon Plains Emergency 680 590 760 435 550 270 OM-1 0 690 690 975 690 690 OM-2 690 0 690 690 975 690 OM-3 690 690 0 690 690 975 OM-4 975 690 690 0 690 690 OM-5 690 975 690 690 0 690 OM-6 690 690 975 690 690 0
  5. Hi Everyone, This is obviously speculation at this point but there are some geographic markers we may be able to use to detect direct artist input. In the 3.0 build, the planet geography which is procedurally generated (without artist polish) will likely be a heightmap based on mathematical models which makes it almost impossible to include things like sheer cliff faces or caves. As there is such a small selection of planetary bodies it is likely that all locations of interest will include some direct artist input on the surrounding geography. This could potentially make scouting for outposts and wrecks, etc. much quicker as we would be able to spot an artist-touched (there has to be a better term for that) piece of geography and know to primarily scout in that area. What do you think? Here is an episode of Subscriber Town Hall from October 2016 where they talk about it, as far as I know this information hasn't been changed since.


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