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The Banu Merchantman isn’t just a ship, it’s a home and a way of life.


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  2. That sounds like a great use of the ship. I think you should be able to fit lots of vehicles in it. If they can get the defender to dock with it you can have a smaller fighter to help. Think you might need one or two NPC to help it a big ship. 150 meters long and look about as wide as long. I what to use my one for trading in not so safe areas. Also as a Q ship (Heavily armed merchant ship). In the lore it say same Banu use them for fighting. So hoping I can put more shields and some more weapons on it. Then bait some pirates with it.
  3. ...to land my BMM on a planet to do some solo exploration and trading. I think ill use my merchant man for solo (personal) game play, my other ships ill use in multiplayer as in with my fwwends :). Thoughts? ?
  4. I also got mine before the Price jump. Later i got the banu escort.
  5. so happy I got mine before the price jumped, can't wait to see it flight ready
  6. Hey this is a little "ice breaker" exercise for myself and hopefully others to get some idea of numbers of ships in TA, in this case the irresistible Banu Merchantman. i totally love the look the Banu Merchantman one of my favourite ships in the game.

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