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A weekly event (for 3.0) to help people earn some money through hauling missions and trading.


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  2. I can do Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, preferably evenings
  3. I went for an evening time as a preference but tbh any time after noon would be OK for me. Never felt daylight raiding the right time.
  4. The Friday event would be at a different time, these times are for Saturday. Friday will probably be at a later time, a time better suited for Americans as Saturday is pretty much European times. P.S. You definitely did not fix it xD
  5. Whoops multiple choice. Well done me. Uhh add on like 3pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm. Though some of those times would be adjusted based on whether the even is on Friday or Saturday. I think i fixed it.... <o>
  6. Hello again Mercury Core! The results for the day are in and it's a tie between Friday and Saturday. We would like to run an event for both days but for now we will go with Saturday as we don't have enough people to run both. For the purpose of this poll all times are in GMT as we don't need the confusion Daylight Saving Time can bring. If you don't know what timezone you are in this map should help. Keep in mind that this is multiple choice, if you are good for multiple times don't be afraid to vote for more than 1 EDIT: I should probably mention why it jumps from 3 to 7, this is to avoid conflict with the meeting.
  7. Ahaha, no, but we might do 2 days. Since friday is s**t for Americans (because they'll be working or at school at that time) and saturday is s**t for the Europeans because our evening is filled with meetings and the Military event, so it kinda sucks. Sunday might be nice for both but europeans might wanna head to bed early with work the next day. So its all kinda s**t to fit in everyone .
  8. So if it's a three-way tie, does that mean we get a event all three days?!
  9. Greetings Mercury Core, With 3.0 crawling ever closer and with it the first industry content. This means the time has finally come to start a weekly Industry event! We aren’t sure yet what day to hold it though. Currently it’s between 3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Let us know what is best for you and after a few weeks we’ll start a poll for the time. EDIT: Keep in mind that the event will most likely be hosted by someone in the european timezone. So if you think of picking Friday for example then the event would be hosted in the european evening which would be US late morning or early afternoon.


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