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(Ind. Div.) A Group for people with an interest in long range hauling. To help our members to find friends or crew members to serve on-board their ships, or to help people find ships capable of assisting in such activities and promote discussion around the topic.


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  2. Still a believer that what will matter is: Max Speed Missiles Superior Numbers (of players vs.) That's the way it's always been in flight/space games. Based on stats, that means Sabers, Hurricanes, and Buccaneers; which is why I focused fighter selections on mainly Sabers, and a pair of Hurricanes. As for fuel considerations, that's why we have refueling... by stations, or Starfarers. But remains to be seen how it all shakes out, how many jumps the fuel lasts, how costly or the down time of refueling, how readily available fuel opportunities are across unfriendly or lawless regions ... but I hadn't thought that I'd want to have escort wings of lumbering ships just because of fuel, when fuel can be solved. ?
  3. So much in planning what ships to take depends on the routes available and options for traveling around dangerous space. Plus some of the transport ships are armed much better. I would much rather have a full compliment of competent gunners on board than 2 mediocre escorts that I've hired. Another option too is to break up the cargo onto two ships, if that's possible, and I don't know why it wouldn't be. But the idea of attacking two Connies and a couple of her snub fighters sounds less appealing to me than hitting one 890 Jump and a couple of escorts. In the end it all comes down to good mission planning.
  4. Maybe include the size class of the ships as well, the Freelancer can carry only half of what a Constellation can but it is smaller too, Medium compared to the Constellations large. This will also make the Hull B look a lot better, carries a lot of cargo for its size =3
  5. I've updated the stats from the new ship matrix. There have been some big changes to certain ships the 890 jump had a large increase in cargo capacity, and the merchantman seems to have grown in size but decreased in cargo capacity, to accommodate the additional living quarters. Some ships went from having cargo to not holding cargo! like the mustang series which now only shows the Mustang (alpha) with 6 cargo capacity. Other small fighters like 315p had their cargo capacity reduced and the freelancer MIS & DUR have been reduced from 39 - 28. The Orion, Reclaimer and Crucible all show their dedicated cargo space now accurately. *However theres no figures given for the constellation Taurus or Phoenix as of yet so the old figures still show.
  6. hmm its a tricky one, the hornets / sabres do definitely add a level of deterrent to would be attackers, but the need to stop to refuel would most likely take us to populated areas near planets, though there might be a way to run hornets and sabres with a starfarer in fleet so you can avoid going to these locations, and refuel in space. It might also depend on what were hauling if its very expensive/ risky then id take the best defence possible, if its not so risky then maybe go with cheaper mustangs and 315p's.
  7. I think you are right the most common ships will see for PvP will be the Mustang's, Auroras and Avengers at the start. And yes the Mustang Beta be a lot cheaper and the 315p a little cheaper because of the more high end parts on the 315p than the Mustang, than running a sabre. But if you was going to attack a Hull C or BMM or what ever, would you attack the one with 2 sabre's and 2 hornets or the one with 2 315p and 2 Mustang Beta's? Yes some times we have to run with cheaper ship/less ships so we can make more money. But I think you get attacked less by PvP If you have better defensive ships guarding you. Also if you get attack you might take less damage from them and kill them faster. I think the Vanguard is a good ship for this because it can take the damage. Yes it not going to maneuver as good a 315p but it has better fire power and can take more damage. It can hold most of the attacker when the cargo ship and defenders run. That the job of the escort ship stop the cargo ship from getting attack/taking damage. If it can kill the ships attacking great. If not hold the attackers so the cargo ship can jump, then run/ kill as many as they can. After the cargo ship have jump out the pirates have no reason to fight, other than being peed off with losing the cargo ship and wanting to take it out on the escort ships. And if they do that they loss more ammo take more damage and just over all loss more money for nothing. Then they have less stuff to attack us with next time. As for NPC god knows what they attack us with. But you have them attack you no mater what you do. But that just what I think. What you say?
  8. Hi RSLtaken, I've moved the Khartu-Al into the escorts group & the Gladiator into the group which may have some long range capabilities. I agree in an ideal situation the Banu Defenders, Vanguards seem to be the ideal ships as escorts, for many factors not just for the not needing to stop for fuel as frequently, however we still need to see how these ships turn out. From my experience in arena commander the Vanguard is a big target and quite easy to hit, though quite tanky, seems to be easily out maneuvered by Hornets / Sabre's, the defender on paper looks great with it 4 size 3 gimbal guns, speed and range. (I just hope its vision out of the cockpit is not obscured) A lot will depend on how spread out we are as an org. in the verse i kinda see it being more likely we will inhabit 1 system or 1-2 planets, as journey times across 1 system are said to be between 20-40 minutes (this may include time going through the jump points), either way 2 or 3 systems away could be 1-2 hours in journey time. Some of the other escorts like the Mustang Beta/315p might be relatively cheap to run, replace etc... they seems ok in dogfight situations but still outclassed by hornet's / sabre's (which may not be the most common ships we face in the verse). I believe its something like 50% of the ships in the game are aurora's, so its likely we will get ganked by large numbers of weaker ships more often at the start of the game, but this will change with time.
  9. The Gladiator can fit extra fuel tanks in the middle of it. You loss the torpedoes but you get extra range. In the lore and they said a long time ago you can use the Gladiator for exploring. And adding the extra fuel tank is a way of helping that. The Khartu-Al is a scout ship so hope it has longer range. But you can change the engines on all s**t for more fuel efficient ones. Might loss speed/acceleration but might help some ships get the extra range needed. But as with everything it a trade-off. Do you take better fighters like the hornet, sabre and redeemer then stop more for fuel or do you take retaliators and mustang Beta's and stop less for fuel but be less safe. But ideally you want vanguards and Defenders best of both worlds. But another idea might be instead of having all the escort ship fly from the start to the end of the route. Start with a small amount of escorts ship then have extra ships waiting for you before you go in to the unsafe areas. So the hornets and sabres can save fuel by not having to start in a safe area where they are not needed. And you can save time because after you leave the unsafe areas you can leave the hornet and sabres to go find fuel and the cargo ship with small number of escort ship can just keep going.
  10. Hi guys, I've been think a lot about what ships will be able to assist in what we would consider 'long range hauling' but as of yet without jump points in the game have no idea of how each ship will perform in this aspect. The RSI ship matrix has some ships defined as long range so we can take these as a given, but there maybe be other ships in the pipeline set to come out as concepts and we may find that some of the versatile ships, or ships already in the game operate well over some distances. Below is a lists of ships that I believe as of now are long range capable, from what we know and divided into 3 groups for haulers, potential haulers and escorts: (includes cargo capacities & caveats) Haulers JP Size Cargo Capacity Banu Merchantman L (3584) Hull E L (98304) Hull D L (20736) Hull C L (4608) Hull B M (384) Starfarer L (295) Starfarer Gemini L (295) Carrack L (1000) - exploration ship as main function Caterpiller L (576) - (not ideal for long range hauling) 890 jump L (1600) Constellation Taurus L (243) Constellation Aquila L (96) - exploration ship as main function Constellation Androm. L (96) Constellation Phoenix L (66) - luxury Ship as main function Freelancer Max M (122) Freelancer Dur M (28) - exploration ship as main function Freelancer Mis M (28) Freelancer M (66) 600i explorer L (40) - exploration ship as main function Genesis L (300) - could possibly be to convert into a dedicated hauler with an increased cargo capacity. Potential Haulers (most likely wont be used due to crew/logistics difficulties & costs) Orion (384) - mining ship as main function Reclaimer (360) - although great cargo capacity most likely wont be used due to its limited speed. Crucible (230) - repair ship as main function 315p (2) - fighter as main function Reliant Sen (2) - science/exploration ship 600i luxury (16) - luxury ship as main function endeavor (500) - Science Vessel as main function (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 2 non-long range escorts to be carried) Polaris (216) - Corvette (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 1 non-long range escorts to be carried) Idris P (995) - frigate (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 3+ non long range escorts to be carried) Idris M (831) - frigate (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 3+ non-long range escorts to be carried) Javelin (5400) - destroyer (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 1-2 non-long range escorts to be carried) Escorts Hammerhead Banu Defender Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbringer Vanguard Sentinel Vanguard Hoplite Retaliator Base Retaliator bomber Mustang Beta Terrapin 315p Herald (Scout only) Polaris Idris P Idris M *The banu merchantman, Carrack, Constellation, Freelancer, 890 Jump, 600i series, caterpillar and Starfarer could be added as potential escorts due to their long range capabilities but as they are included in the hauling list and may not be ideal escorts have therefore just listed them here as a sub note. Below is a list of ships that may have some long range capabilities, and will be open to debate and divided into 2 groups for haulers and escorts: Haulers Hull A ? Reliant Kore ? Reliant Mako ? Escorts Khartu-Al ? Gladiator ? - when fitted with extra fuel tanks Redeemer ? Hurricane ? Buccaneer ? 300i ? If you think that a ship needs to be added to / moved from one of the lists please feel free to comment, as we find out more about their capabilities, here is a list of all ships not included on any of the above lists: (that could still be used if they fit inside a carrier.) or turn out to have better than expected range. M50 intercepter Mustang Alpha Mustang Gamma Mustang delta Mustang Omega Gladius Gladius Valiant Aurora ES Aurora LX Aurora MR Aurora CL Aurora LN 325a 350r F7c Hornet F7c Hornet wildfire F7c Hornet Ghost F7c-M Super Hornet F7c-R Hornet Tracker Cutlass Black Cutlass Blue Cutlass Red Avenger Stalker Avenger Titan Avenger Titan Renegade Avenger Warlock Vanduul Scythe P52 Merlin P72 Archimedes Reliant Mako Esperia Glaive Sabre Sabre Comet Prospector Pioneer Esperia Prowler 85X Eclipse Razor


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