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For the brave Pilots, Gunners, and Crews of the Aegis Hammerhead . A place to join ships, discuss load outs and request escort . Our motto is “TO PROTECT AND SERVE” . We will die fighting before we let our escorts go down.


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  2. So i've had my Hammerhead out of the barn for more than a few test flights now and I've encountered a MAJOR problem. I like flying it more than my Connie's. I can't get over how comfortable I am with the design, especially the bridge layout. I thought for certain that being slung on the underside of the ship with no visibility above was going to be a huge disadvantage The more I fly it though, the more practical it seems and the more I feel like it's the best design out there. When I would fly the Connie I loved the feeling of being strapped to the front of a cruise missile. In the Hammerhead, it feels like being strapped to the front of a nuclear warhead. I have located multiple engineer stations, which is amazing foresight on the designers part. And I've parked it in orbit of a planet and run around to all the turrets checking sectors of fire and looking for blind spots. There aren't many. She also carries a fair bit of cargo so this almost seems to be the ideal ship for hauling that high dollar cargo, or definitely choice for resupply to the capital ships. If anyone wants a ride, please let me know. We will link up and I'll happily take you out for a spin. We can set course for Arc Corp and run around while in transit.
  3. size 5 on the turrets from size 4......keeps getting better. improved range and DPS
  4. welcome to the club!! about the club logo. had a friend do it and it had 2 revisions. will leave it for now. thanks for the comments
  5. To all that is interested im hoping to flight test the hammerhead in 3.3 any one interested drop a line with me and lets get a crew together to test this thing out!!!!
  6. proud owner of the hammer head can't wait too flight test her in 3.3 also just joined the military division looking forward to providing escort and military services for our great mighty ORG!!!!
  7. ... looks really cool :-D. My only concern would maybe to make the text a little more readable in those cases where the logo might be scaled down to a smaller overall size. How about slightly shorter texts "Hammerhead Owners" and "Protect and Serve" but with larger font-size?
  8. Your probably right , but the thrill of firing 4 size 4 Gatling guns ....even for 1 second will be a thing of pure exhilaration 😬 working on a club badge for the forums and motto . ”To Protect and Serve “
  9. My only concern is - gatlings wouldn't have enough ammo for long patrols .. even with all extra ammo boxes (
  10. welcome to the club :)...gatlings are awsome
  11. I don't own a Hammerhead but I'm very much looking forward to firing the guns on a turret of a Hammerhead fully decked with Gatling guns :-DDD


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