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Tactical Advance

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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Head count

    I have just edited my comment.... Faceplant
  3. Head count

    I put my socks on
  4. Head count

    I put a lot of money into this game oh and I'm in the PTU too
  5. Morning guys Just want a quick count on who has ptu? Thanks Boo
  6. Afternoon guys. Wondering who has a Caterpillar as i would like to test how many Nox and DF we can fit in one safely when landing on Cellin. Thanks Boojuice
  7. Ships and ideas

    Seems like any ship that can carry a vehicle or a open cockpit snub would be useful I've seen video of people putting a Nox in a Cutlass, but I think the minimal setup would be a Freelancer with a Dragonfly. In 2.x it felt like they were building around solo fighter gameplay, and the Hornets and Sabres and Gladius seemed to be the center. For 3.x it feels like the Constellation with a Rover seems will be the balance point. That's good for small group play but its not ideal for solo/pair setup. We'll see what fits in what
  8. Ships and ideas

    I can't help with info on max numbers but I'm signed up for this and have a Cutlass so I'm curious too.
  9. So as many of you may know i run single-seater ships and land vehicles, go forward for the moon landings what ship setup do you think would be a good way to go about it? Question. What is the max number of DF/Nox that can fit in the current playable ships? Yours Boo

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