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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi all, We are planning a get together after the org meeting tomorrow for some Star Citizen fun hope you can join us. Kind regards Slaine.
  3. I have just edited my comment.... Faceplant
  4. I put a lot of money into this game oh and I'm in the PTU too
  5. Morning guys Just want a quick count on who has ptu? Thanks Boo
  6. Afternoon guys. Wondering who has a Caterpillar as i would like to test how many Nox and DF we can fit in one safely when landing on Cellin. Thanks Boojuice
  7. Seems like any ship that can carry a vehicle or a open cockpit snub would be useful I've seen video of people putting a Nox in a Cutlass, but I think the minimal setup would be a Freelancer with a Dragonfly. In 2.x it felt like they were building around solo fighter gameplay, and the Hornets and Sabres and Gladius seemed to be the center. For 3.x it feels like the Constellation with a Rover seems will be the balance point. That's good for small group play but its not ideal for solo/pair setup. We'll see what fits in what
  8. I can't help with info on max numbers but I'm signed up for this and have a Cutlass so I'm curious too.
  9. So as many of you may know i run single-seater ships and land vehicles, go forward for the moon landings what ship setup do you think would be a good way to go about it? Question. What is the max number of DF/Nox that can fit in the current playable ships? Yours Boo


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