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  2. It has come to my attention that there is a map, in two dimensions, showing the various tracks, in both of those dimensions, I think you will find it helpful, especially in understanding which track is which. Furthermore, I can tell you that even in my excessive practise in an M50, I am not hitting anywhere near those lap times.
  3. Every Thursday at 7pm PST (=0200 Friday UTC) join us for racing in Arena Commander and in the PU. Racing is a great way to earn REC, which can be used to rent ships and equipment for Arena Commander (and the equipment can be used in the PU too!) Don't worry if you think you're not good, or if you don't have a racing ship. Racing is a great way to improve your flying skills, and it doesn't take long to learn the tricks necessary to post fast times. You'll be able to compete using any ship that can be used in AC, and quickly earn enough REC to rent a 'real' racer. This event is set up for the evening hours in the US, but there's also a racing event every Sunday evening for those in the Euro timezones. Regardless of where you live, if you're up and want to play a little SC hop on and join us.


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