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  • Galaxy Information

    Sytem NamePlanetsJump PointsStationsAffliationPrimary IntrestSecondary IntrestDivision IntrestLore Maker Guide
    Ail'ka52L 0Xi'AnXi'an Military SupportRefueling, Agriculture, AopoA HQ
    Bacchus31L 1M 1BanuTrading FloatillaBiodiversity, Climate Diversity
    Baker44L 1M 1UEECovalex Shipping HubMiningLore Video
    Banshee44L 1S 0UEEMiningPulsar CentreLore Video
    Branaugh31M 0UnclaimedNo Large Jump Points, Fuel Refineries
    Bremen43L 1M 0UEEAbundance of GasesLore Video
    Caliban53M 1S 0Vanduul-
    Cano41M 1S 0UEEIndigenous Life ResearchSmog Planet ResearchLore Video
    Castra24L 1S 0UEEBombing RunsLore Video
    Cathcart01L 2M 1S 1UnclaimedPirate ActivityJunkyardLore Video
    Centauri52L 0UEEResearch Stations, Environment RegulationLore Video
    Charon52L 1M 1S 0UEE-Lore Video
    Chronos31L 1M 1UEESynthworld ProjectLore Video
    Corel63L 0UEEMining, Trade Hub, ResearchLore Video
    Croshaw43L 1S 0UEE-Lore Video
    Davien43L 2M 0UEEAegis Dynamics HQ, Commerce ActivityLore Video
    Eealus52L 1M 1S 0Xi'AnConservation System-
    Ellis173L 1M 1S 1UEEScience StationReef Conservation, Ice-Mining ExpeditionsLore Video
    Elysium53L 1S 0UEE-Lore Video
    Ferron42L 1M 0UEE-Lore Video
    Fora52L 1M 0UEE--
    Garron42L 1M 1S 1DevelopingRestorationIndigenous Life Research, MiningLore Video
    Geddon13L 0BanuResource Gathering-
    Genesis32L 1M 0DevelopingSentient Life ResearchInterspecies Conflict
    Gliese61L 1BanuTrading FloatillaAbundant ResourcesLore Video
    Goss32L 3M 0UEETourismAgriculture, BiodiversityLore Video
    Gurzil01L 2M 1S 0UEEMiningforming system with several asteroids near the starLore Video
    Hades42L 1M 0UnclaimedArchaeologyPlanet-Killer' TechLore Video
    Hadrian35L 1S 1UEETrading Floatilla-Lore Video
    Helios43M 1S 1UEEMilitary StationTourismLore Video
    Horus31L 2M 1S 0UEEPlanet SurveyingLore Video
    Idris53L 1M 0UEE-
    Kabal31M 0UEEPlanet Surveying-Lore Video
    Kallis92L 1DevelopingSystem DevelopmentScience StationLore Video
    Kayfa41L 1M 0Xi'AnReligious SignificanceTourismLore Video
    Kellog62L 2M 2DevelopingBiodiversityPrisonLore Video
    Kiel63L 0UEEGas Mining-Lore Video
    Kilian142L 1S 0UEEUEE Navy & Marines HQWeapons Testing, Resource Gathering Lore Video
    Kins51L 1S 0Banu-Mining Expeditions
    Kyuk’ya (Indra)23L 1S 0Xi'AnShipping Hub-
    La’uo (Virtus)43L 0Xi'AnSanctioned Piracy-
    Leir31L 2M 3S 0UnclaimedMining-Lore Video
    Magnus32L 1M 0UEEDrake Interplanetary HQ-Lore Video
    Min11L 1S 0UnclaimedBiological ResearchGas Giant CentreLore Video
    Nemo33L 0UEEOil SupplierMiningLore Video
    Nexus54L 0UEEPirate Activity-Lore Video
    Nul01L 1M 2S 0UnclaimedLore Video
    Nyx44L 2M 0UnclaimedAbandoned Mining Facility-Lore Video
    Oberon72L 2M 0Unclaimed--Lore Video
    Odin32L 1M 0UEEMiningUEE Training Grounds, Corporate Weapons Testing, Fuel Refineries
    Oretani60Unclaimed-Probe Data incomplete
    Orion42L 1M 0Vanduul--Lore Video
    Osiris23L 1DevelopingIndigenous Life ResearchObservation Station, Protection
    Oso61L 2S 1DevelopingIndigenous Life ResearchObservation Station, ProtectionLore Video
    Oya42L 1M 2S 0UEEMining
    Pyro61L 2M 4S 1UnclaimedPirate ActivityBlack MarketLore Video
    Rhetor52L 1M 0UEEEducationTechnology DevelopmentLore Video
    Rihlah62L 1M 1S 0Xi'AnIndustrial Hub-Lore Video
    Sol92L 3UEEUEE HomeworldBirthplace of the Human Race
    Stanton42L 1M 6UEEBusiness HubMining, Comm-Arrays, ArcCorp HQLore Video
    Tal71L 0Xi'AnProduction SystemTechnology, Agriculture, Mining, Weapons Manafacturing
    Tamsa21L 0UEE-Black Hole CentreLore Video
    Tanga22M 0Unclaimed-Red Giant Centre, Mining
    Taranis43M 1S 0Unclaimed-Pirate Activity, Broken Moon
    Tayac32L 1M 1UEEThe ARK-Lore Video
    Terra43L 2M 2S 3UEESpace StationsMiningLore Video
    Th.us’ūng (Pallas)52L 1M 0Xi'AnXi'an Research-Lore Video
    Tiber23L 1M 0Vanduul--Lore Video
    Tohil42L 1M 0UEE-Large BiomassesLore Video
    Trise11L 1M 1BanuReligious CentreTrading Hub, Banu Station
    Tyrol71L 1M 1S 0UnclaimedDying StarSystem DevelopmentLore Video
    Vanguard01L 1S 0Vanduul??
    Vector01L 1M 0Vanduul??
    Vega43L 1M 0UEE--Lore Video
    Viking01L 1M 0Vanduul??
    Virgil33L 2M 0Vanduul??
    Yā’mon (Hadur)42L 1M 1S 0Xi'AnTerraformation-
    Yulin61M 1S 2BanuEntertainmentTrade Floatilla, RacingLore Video
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