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  • Stanton System

    Stanton System Description

    While the UEE still controls the rights to the system overall, the four planets themselves were sold by the government to four megacorporations making them the only privately-owned worlds in the Empire. Though subject to the UEE’s Common Laws and standard penal code, the UEE does not police the region. Instead, private planetary security teams enforce the local law.

    - Stanton

    microTech - Stanton IV
    A terraforming error left the planet with an unnaturally dense cloud cover and a colder than average climate making it an ideal location for owner microTech to house its heat-sensitive computing and manufacturing centers.

    Hurston - Stanton I
    A wealth of ore and other resources are mined on Hurston to manufacture the company’s line of munitions and weapons. Heavy industry has resulted in severe pollution across the planet.

    ArcCorp - Stanton III
    Buildings cover a majority of the planet’s surface with residential areas relegated to the poles while ArcCorp’s factories, business headquarters, financial and commercial districts are located in between.

    Crusader - Stanton II
    A low mass gas giant that features a breathable atmosphere at high altitudes. This was an ideal situation for ship manufacturer Crusader, who now occupies the planet’s floating platforms to build massive ships like the Starliner.

    Aaron Halo - Stanton Belt Alpha
    Though Crusader Industries argues that the belt was part of their purchase of Stanton II from the UEE, the legal confusion and ensuing court case has created a massive wave of miners rushing to grab claims of their own.

    Cellin - Stanton 2a
    Named after the youngest of the three siblings featured in the 24th century children’s tale, “A Gift for Baba,” this moon features over a hundred currently dormant volcanoes that are said to represent Cellin’s simmering anger.

    Daymar - Stanton 2b
    Named after the middle brother of the three siblings featured in the 24th century children’s tale, “A Gift for Baba,” this is the largest of Crusader’s moons. Daymar’s slightly eccentric orbit is said to represent his ease at getting lost in the story.

    Yela - Stanton 2c
    Named after the oldest of the three siblings featured in the 24th century children’s tale, “A Gift for Baba,” this moon has a water-ice crust said to represent Yela’s cool and calculating mannerisms.

    - Port Olisar
    Located in the trade lanes above Crusader, Port Olisar offers a breathtaking view of the planet below. Owned and operated by Crusader Industries, Port Olisar acts as a gateway to the company’s vast planetary holdings and orbital shipyards.

    - Security Post Kareah
    A brand new outpost built to house an extended Crusader Security presence in this sector. It is expected to be open and operating soon.

    - Covalex Hub Gundo
    Formerly Covalex’s prime shipping hub for the system, Gundo suffered a catastrophic accident that resulted in an explosion and the deaths of all the employees aboard the station. Covalex has since moved their operations to Orison directly.

    - Cry-Astro Service
    This station is a franchise of Cry-Astro and provides facilities to restock and refuel a wide variety of ships.

    - ICC ScanHub Stanton
    Part of the Imperial Cartography Center, this research station is categorized as a Deep Space Scanning and AstroGraphical Station, one of the many turn-key facilities the UEE places in systems to casually sweep for jump points.

    - CommArray SCC
    These communication stations are positioned around the area to help provide comm coverage.

    Ariel - Stanton 1a
    This moon was named after the 3rd CEO of Hurston Dynamics, Ariel Hurston, who was known for creating the controversial Life/Labor-style employee contract.

    Aberdeen - Stanton 1b
    This moon was named after scientist Aberdeen Hurston who was credited with designing the company's first antimatter warhead.

    Magda - Stanton 1c
    This moon was named after Hurston Dynamics CEO Magda Stanton who made the decision to purchase Stanton I from the UEE. Magda is the mother of current CEO “Colonel” Gavin E. Stanton.

    Ita - Stanton 1d
    This moon was named after Ita Hurston, who died during the First Tevarin War, as a reminder of why “the products Hurston Dynamics makes are so important.”

    Lyria - Stanton 3a
    This icy moon features active cryogeysers and cryovolcanoes.

    Wala - Stanton 3b
    The low density of Wala is particularly susceptible to tidal forces which result in the moon being noticeably prolate.

    Calliope - Stanton 4a
    Named after the ancient Greek muse who inspires eloquence to supposedly remind those gazing upon the moon from microTech to 'strive for pure expression of thought.'

    Clio - Stanton 4b
    Named after the ancient Greek muse of history to supposedly remind those gazing upon the moon from microTech to remember that 'their work stands on those who came before them.'

    Euterpe - Stanton 4c
    Named after the ancient Greek muse of music to supposedly remind those gazing upon the moon from microTech to be 'guided by the natural rhythm of the universe in their designs.'

    microTechPLANET10328YES2397Stanton IV
    HurstonPLANET11853YES2396Stanton I
    ArcCorpPLANET8363YES2472Stanton III
    CrusaderPLANET74500YES2530Stanton II
    Aaron HaloASTEROID_BELT0NO0Stanton Belt Alpha
    CellinSATELLITE1NO0Stanton 2a
    DaymarSATELLITE0NO0Stanton 2b
    YelaSATELLITE1NO0Stanton 2c
    MANMADE0YES0Port Olisar
    MANMADE0YES0Security Post Kareah
    MANMADE0YES0Covalex Hub Gundo
    MANMADE0NO0Cry-Astro Service
    MANMADE0YES0ICC ScanHub Stanton
    MANMADE0NO0CommArray SCC
    ArielSATELLITE1NO0Stanton 1a
    AberdeenSATELLITE0NO0Stanton 1b
    MagdaSATELLITE0NO0Stanton 1c
    ItaSATELLITE0NO0Stanton 1d
    LyriaSATELLITE1NO0Stanton 3a
    WalaSATELLITE0NO0Stanton 3b
    CalliopeSATELLITE1NO0Stanton 4a
    ClioSATELLITE0NO0Stanton 4b
    EuterpeSATELLITE1NO0Stanton 4c
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Business Hub
    Secondary Intrest
    Mining, Comm-Arrays, ArcCorp HQ
    Divisional Intrest
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