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  • Nyx System

    Nyx System Description

    Discovered in 2582, the Nyx System was left unclaimed by the UEE after deciding its three planets were not terraforming candidates and an attempts to mine the dense Glaciem Ring were deemed too dangerous. In 2618, a group of political activists and refugees, fleeing the Messer regime, moved into a vacated mining facility located in Delamar, a moon-sized asteroid deep within the system’s asteroid belt.

    - Nyx

    - Nyx I
    Nyx I is a coreless world that has been mined clean.

    - Nyx II
    A high-pressure atmosphere and thick clouds of acid and carbon dioxide make Nyx II not worth terraforming.

    - Nyx III
    Nyx III is an ice giant that lacks a breathable atmosphere or any valuable minerals.

    Glaciem Ring - Nyx Belt Alpha
    A dense asteroid belt that lacks resources but is full of places to hide. Delamar, a particularly large asteroid, houses both criminals and a large anti-UEE population.

    - Delamar
    A moon sized asteroid hidden deep within the Glaciem Ring. Anti-UEE activists, political radicals and criminals now occupy a deserted mining facility built inside this asteroid. In an effort to keep out potential criminal elements, visitors are strictly f

    Keeger Belt - Nyx Belt Beta
    A sparse belt located on the edge of the system depleted of resources.

    PLANET8490NO2252Nyx I
    PLANET7844NO2027Nyx II
    PLANET30028NO2457Nyx III
    Glaciem RingASTEROID_BELT0NO0Nyx Belt Alpha
    Keeger BeltASTEROID_BELT0NO0Nyx Belt Beta

    Primary Intrest
    Abandoned Mining Facility
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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