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  • Terra System

    Terra System Description

    Terra is the only system in the Empire that is named after the capital planet rather than the star at its center. Since its discovery, Terra has grown consistently in both popularity and influence. Even during the Messer era, Terra was one of the few systems that tried to maintain a progressive stance against the despotic reign. It was this perseverance in the face of adversity that has elevated it to be almost synonymous with Earth as the center of power in the UEE.

    Terra Nova - Terra

    Aero - Terra I
    Aero is a mesoplanet with rich mineral deposits but too harsh of a climate to make them easily accessible.

    Pike - Terra II
    The lack of an atmosphere hasn’t stopped industrial magnates from descending on the vast mineral resources of this terrestrial planet. Thousands of mining operations are in near-constant operation to help fulfill resource requirements for the system.

    Terra - Terra III
    Upon discovery, this naturally-occurring oxygen-based planet seemed like an untouched Earth and so they named it Terra as a reflection for the birthplace of Humanity. Over the centuries, Terra has grown into one of the jewels of the Empire, becoming a pol

    Gen - Terra IV
    Known locally as Gen, this terraformed super-Earth is situated on the further edge of the green band and is often overlooked when compared to Terra. Technically, Terra IV is a major political and military hub, responsible for overseeing diplomatic mission

    Marisol Belt - Terra Belt Beta
    The Marisol Belt rings Terra’s outer reaches and has not yet been completely depleted of resources.

    Henge Cluster - Terra Cluster Alpha
    Rich in material, the majority of this cluster has been claimed by various major mining outfits.

    - INS Reilly

    - IAS Hammett

    - ICS Evolen

    Terra NovaSTAR715236NO0Terra
    AeroPLANET1961NO1862Terra I
    PikePLANET2953YES1863Terra II
    TerraPLANET10576YES2533Terra III
    GenPLANET8619YES1865Terra IV
    Marisol BeltASTEROID_BELT0NO0Terra Belt Beta
    Henge ClusterASTEROID_FIELD0NO0Terra Cluster Alpha
    MANMADE1YES2081INS Reilly
    MANMADE0YES2453IAS Hammett
    MANMADE0YES1866ICS Evolen

    Primary Intrest
    Space Stations
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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