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  • Virgil System

    Virgil System Description

    Once a shining star of Humanity’s expansion, the system’s main economic and social hub was Virgil I, which was quickly terraformed and colonized with help from the government-funded Project Far Star. After Tiber fell, the UEE military hastily retreated into Virgil and tried to mount a defense to stop the Vanduul advance, but the unrelenting raiders quickly overwhelmed them. Millions of civilians died as the UEE fled the system; leaving it in the hands of the Vanduul ever since.

    - Virgil

    - Virgil II
    A planet blanketed by thick smog that renders it uninhabitable and completely obscures views of the surface.

    - Virgil III
    A typical ice giant found in a distant orbit from the other planets.

    Gideon's Belt - Virgil Belt Alpha
    Mining operations harvesting the belt’s resources were abandoned when the system fell.

    - Virgil I
    A terraformed world with beautiful swaths of tropical forests and soil that could quickly grow food. It was a major agricultural producer and vacation hotspot before the Vanduul attacked. These days, extensive bombing raids have left the atmosphere filled

    PLANET6577NO1895Virgil II
    PLANET33424NO1897Virgil III
    Gideon's BeltASTEROID_BELT0NO0Virgil Belt Alpha
    PLANET6038YES1894Virgil I

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