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  • Pyro System

    Pyro System Description

    Most of Pyro System’s six planets are thoroughly scorched thanks to the flare star at its center. Upon its discovery in 2493, any valuable minerals were quickly mined and its lack of habitable planets noted. An orbital platform, originally built by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated to serve as a hub for their operations in the system, was only in use by the company for a short time before it was abandoned. Since then, the platform has become a refuge for black market traders and warring pirate gangs known as Ruin Station.

    - Pyro

    - Pyro I
    A dwarf planet charred black from the constant, violent solar flares of the system's star.

    - Pyro II
    A coreless planet that once held significant mineral deposits, a “metal rush” quickly picked the planet clean and left it an empty husk.

    - Pyro III
    Scientists speculate that this terrestrial planet survived a collision with pieces of the planet-sized body that knocked Pyro IV out of its orbit.

    - Pyro V
    Pyro V is a massive yellow and green gas giant that’s slowly pulling Pyro IV into its orbit.

    - Pyro IV
    A rocky protoplanet that has been mined clean. Knocked out of orbit by a celestial body of equal mass, it is slowly being pulled into Pyro V.

    - Pyro VI
    This protoplanet suffers little damage from Pyro's distant star.

    Akiro Cluster - Pyro Cluster Alpha
    A charred cluster of blackened asteroids. While mostly worthless, some rare materials can be found here.

    - Ruin Station
    A Gold Horizon platform orbiting Pyro VI. It was owned and operated by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated until it was abandoned and then overrun by outlaws. Feuds between factions have lead to frequent and deadly battles; making this location extremely dangerous fo

    PLANET2124NO2466Pyro I
    PLANET5295NO2251Pyro II
    PLANET3139NO2474Pyro III
    PLANET78123NO2054Pyro V
    PLANET2214NO2475Pyro IV
    PLANET2850NO2477Pyro VI
    Akiro ClusterASTEROID_FIELD0NO0Pyro Cluster Alpha
    MANMADE0YES0Ruin Station

    Primary Intrest
    Pirate Activity
    Secondary Intrest
    Black Market
    Divisional Intrest
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