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  • Magnus System

    Magnus System Description

    The shipyards of Magnus system used to be one of the iconic locations of the Empire. When the Navy moved operations to Kilian System, the system’s economy was unable to recover. The resulting decades of economic downturn and criminal activity is only now being slowly reversed in large part due to the ship manufacturer Drake Interplanetary establishing their corporate headquarters here.

    - Magnus

    - Magnus I
    A small rocky planet with no atmosphere. Some astrogeologists speculate that Magnus I was formerly a Hot Jupiter that migrated to this orbit before having its atmosphere stripped away by the star.

    Borea - Magnus II
    The former home to the UEE’s shipbuilding facilities until they moved to Kilian, Borea suffered an economic depression for decades. Things have recently begun to improve with ship manufacturer Drake Interplanetary’s decision to be headquartered on the pla

    - Magnus III
    Classified as a Super Jupiter, Magnus III is a large multi-colored gas giant situated on the outskirts of the system.

    PLANET5718NO2517Magnus I
    BoreaPLANET6477YES1797Magnus II
    PLANET75720NO2582Magnus III

    Primary Intrest
    Drake Interplanetary HQ
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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