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  • Taranis System

    Taranis System Description

    Taranis is an unclaimed system best known for two dense asteroid belts that must be passed through when traveling between jump points. Besides the asteroids belt providing plenty of cover for pirates and criminals to hide, the Taranis System is probably best known for its broken moon above Taranis II, which inspired the “Broken Moon of Taranis” map in the game Arena Commander.

    - Taranis

    - Taranis I
    An uninhabitable dwarf planet with no atmosphere.

    - Taranis Belt Alpha
    The system’s inner asteroid belt is only slightly easier to navigate through than the outer belt.

    - Taranis II
    This coreless world suffered a terraforming disaster at the hands of a now defunct geo development company that left the planet uninhabitable and with a broken moon. The abandoned terraforming machinery remains ignited and burning the planetside to this d

    - Taranis III
    Storms and an atmosphere hostile to Humans plague this smog planet. A former pressurized research station, Bethor, has been expanded into a settlement that is home to a significant Tevarin population and Human expatriates.

    - Taranis IV
    This gas giant sees little in the way of commercial traffic owing to its remote location.

    - Taranis Belt Beta
    A dense asteroid belt that is low on mineral resources. Popular as a hiding place for smugglers and an ambush point for outlaws.

    Broken Moon - Taranis 2a
    This moon was destroyed during a terraforming accident.

    - Taranis 2a Debris

    PLANET797NO2064Taranis I
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Taranis Belt Alpha
    PLANET7841NO2078Taranis II
    PLANET4900NO2467Taranis III
    PLANET80218NO2077Taranis IV
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Taranis Belt Beta
    Broken MoonSATELLITE1NO0Taranis 2a
    ASTEROID_FIELD0NO0Taranis 2a Debris

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Pirate Activity, Broken Moon
    Divisional Intrest
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