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  • Vega System

    Vega System Description

    First settled in 2402, Vega experienced rapid growth until the Vanduul emerged in neighboring systems during the late 27th century and a large portion of the populace fled. However, in the last decade, the system has undergone a revival driven by increased military presence, solid infrastructure, and low real estate prices.

    - Vega

    - Vega I
    A rocky mesoplanet that closely orbits its star.

    Aremis - Vega II
    A lush, verdant world orbited by a set of planetary rings, Aremis was initially used as a military base when the Vanduul began their push after Orion. Recently, the planet has enjoyed an economic and cultural boom. Its population is expected to eclipse th

    Selene - Vega III
    An industrial world in the middle of economic downturn attributed to the ongoing threat of Vanduul attacks in the system, many of Selene’s city-centers are only half the population they once were.

    - Vega IV
    Vega IV is a reddish-brown gas giant dotted with orbital fuel refineries.

    - Vega Belt Alpha
    Mining operations have been slow to take hold here due to the risk of Vanduul raids.

    Vanduul Attack - VANDUUL-WARN-01
    Police units swept down the block collecting survivors and escorting us through the collapsing buildings to a safer location. Saint Aerik’s Hospital was already overflowing. People slumped on the floors, covered in dust and blood. Screams and sobs echoed

    - Rings of Aremis

    PLANET1350NO2455Vega I
    AremisPLANET6134YES1871Vega II
    SelenePLANET6970YES2249Vega III
    PLANET69526NO1873Vega IV
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Vega Belt Alpha
    Vanduul AttackPOI0NO0VANDUUL-WARN-01
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Rings of Aremis

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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