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  • Ellis System

    Ellis System Description

    This thirteen-planet system contains a wide habitable zone thanks to its F-type main sequence star. Ellis is mostly known as the home of the UEE’s most famous race, the Murray Cup. What began as way to kill time during the terraforming process has become big business; fueling the economy for the three terraformed planets -- Green (Ellis III), Kampos (Ellis IV), and Noble (Ellis V). Ellis’ eleventh planet recently collided with its moon, leaving an asteroid belt in the former orbital path.

    - Nul

    - Nul I
    An uninhabitable dwarf planet being burnt away by the system’s pulsating star.

    - Nul II
    A large, iron planet too close to the star to be mined. Recently, the star’s immense heat has cracked its surface, resulting in gas slowly leaking from its burnt mantle.

    Cole - Nul III
    Located on the edge of the habitable zone, Cole’s atmosphere is composed of ammonia and sulfur. Char, an abandoned research station has a small population and is the only landing zone.

    - Nul IV
    A gas giant suffering from a permanent electrical storm that makes refueling attempts deadly.

    Ashana - Nul V
    A massive desert world known for its strong winds and shifting sand dunes. The only landing zone on the planet is the wreckage of the Olympus, now converted into an open black market for expatriates and criminals.

    - Ellis

    - Ellis I
    This protoplanet is a scorched, barren ball of rock and bubbling magma due to its extreme proximity to the star. While the possibility exists that there are major deposits of minerals on the planet, mining them would be far too risky.

    - Ellis II
    Ellis II's large size, proximity to its sun, and surprisingly thick atmosphere has left its entire surface a massive desert, marked with strange swirls and ridges created by frequent massive storms on the planet's surface.

    Green - Ellis III
    The vast oceanic world is mostly known as the primary resort destination for racegoers who enjoy Green's high-end mega-resorts. In an effort to protect the elaborate underwater reefs, ships landing on the planet are directed towards specific landing zones

    Kampos - Ellis IV
    Named after the large sea creatures that once stalked its deep oceans, Kampos was the first world settled and continues to boast the highest population center in the system.

    Noble - Ellis V
    The emerald jewel of the system, Noble is known for the vast stretches of woodland, evoking many comparisons to an undeveloped Earth. The local Governors Council has made sustaining the planet’s natural beauty a priority.

    - Ellis VI
    A terrestrial planet located just outside the system’s green band. Although the planet is technically uninhabited, Ellis VI has been used to conduct studies about human habitation.

    - Ellis VII
    A corrosive and poisonous atmosphere covers this planet making it impossible to terraform or even land on.

    - Ellis VIII
    The smallest planet in the system, Ellis VIII boasts a micro atmosphere and little else.

    Walleye - Ellis IX
    Nicknamed Walleye by long-distance haulers, Ellis IX is a swirling gas giant that intermittently suffers from massive storms visible from space.

    Bombora - Ellis X
    The second gas giant in Ellis system, Ellis X features a consistently turbulent atmosphere. It was this chaotic nature that led to its local nickname of Bombora.

    - Ellis XI
    Ellis XI recently suffered a cataclysmic collision with one of its moons. Astrophysicists speculate that the planet will continue to splinter and ultimately form a new asteroid belt.

    Judecca - Ellis XII
    A ball of ice, Ellis XII (also known as Judecca) is occasionally used for ice-mining expeditions.

    Pinecone - Ellis XIII
    Though technically not a planet, Ellis XIII is considered a local mascot. This protoplanet’s unique shape has given it the nickname Pinecone.

    - Ellis Belt Alpha
    Perhaps the best known asteroid belt in the UEE, the Ellis Belt became famous for being a Murray Cup racetrack. Over the years, the Murray Cup has sought to acquire all rights to the belt, making mining strictly prohibited.

    - Encole Station
    Thanks to several government grants and private donors, this scientific station was constructed in 2931 to perform habitation studies on Ellis VI.

    - Rings of Ellis VII

    PLANET1020NO2018Nul I
    PLANET6159NO2292Nul II
    ColePLANET6641YES2250Nul III
    PLANET57696NO2021Nul IV
    AshanaPLANET8700YES2022Nul V
    PLANET750NO2565Ellis I
    PLANET6270NO1228Ellis II
    GreenPLANET8451YES2566Ellis III
    KamposPLANET12503YES2480Ellis IV
    NoblePLANET6475YES1231Ellis V
    PLANET7473NO2567Ellis VI
    PLANET10007NO1233Ellis VII
    PLANET2415NO993Ellis VIII
    WalleyePLANET76808NO1234Ellis IX
    BomboraPLANET66290NO1401Ellis X
    JudeccaPLANET5276NO1402Ellis XII
    PineconePLANET773NO1241Ellis XIII
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Ellis Belt Alpha
    MANMADE0YES2089Encole Station
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Rings of Ellis VII

    Primary Intrest
    Science Station
    Secondary Intrest
    Reef Conservation, Ice-Mining Expeditions
    Divisional Intrest
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