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  • Odin System

    Odin System Description

    Long before its discovery, Odin was rendered uninhabitable when the star degenerated into a white dwarf. What remains of the system is for the most part inhospitable to Humans. Of particular interest is the Coil, an asteroid belt that suffers from constant electromagnetic storms which considerably hampers efforts to harvest the valuable resources in the area while simultaneously providing an oasis to outlaws operating in the system.

    - Odin

    The Coil - Odin I
    This asteroid cluster is thought to be the remains of the first planet in the system, destroyed by the star entering its red giant phase. Known as the Coil, it is beset with a constant electrical storm. Although independent mining outfits are strongly dis

    - Odin II
    Odin II is a mostly uninhabited world that houses isolated testing facilities for scientists and various corporations who use the desolation to conduct more dangerous operations. Its moon, Vili, serves as a waypoint for those working here.

    - Odin III
    It is believed that this small, dead planet’s surface may contain a fossil record that could reveal secrets of Odin’s past inhabitants.

    - Odin IV
    Odin IV is a hydrogen-rich gas giant that is home to several refineries.

    Vili - Odin 2a
    This snowy moon is the home of Raleigh Station, a waypoint for contractors bringing supplies to the facilities on Odin II below.

    PLANET3475NO2288Odin II
    PLANET3793NO2289Odin III
    PLANET69075NO1813Odin IV
    ViliSATELLITE1NO0Odin 2a
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    UEE Training Grounds, Corporate Weapons Testing, Fuel Refineries
    Divisional Intrest
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