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  • Helios System

    Helios System Description

    Helios is a unique system because of the helium-strong type B star at its center. It creates fierce solar wind that can interfere with ship sensors. The UEE military takes advantage of this phenomenon to shield their exact activities at Hephaestus Station and Helios IV. Recently, the beautiful, oceanic planet of Tangaroa (Helios II) has become a popular tourist destination.

    - Helios

    Tangaroa - Helios II
    Frequent volcanic activity on this large ocean world results in the creation of temporary landmasses that are often used as brief recreational sites by visiting watersport enthusiasts. The planet’s more permanent residents traditionally live in underwater

    - Helios I
    A barren, coreless world whose proximity to the sun makes its limited resources difficult to access.

    - Helios III
    A large hydrogen-rich gas giant.

    - Helios IV
    Helios IV has been completely reserved for military use by the UEE and houses numerous bases and classified facilities.

    - Hephaestus Station
    A restricted access military station in orbit around Helios II that is frequently used by the Navy for training exercises.

    TangaroaPLANET8152YES2505Helios II
    PLANET1646NO2446Helios I
    PLANET137932NO2447Helios III
    PLANET1917YES1411Helios IV
    MANMADE0YES2506Hephaestus Station

    Primary Intrest
    Military Station
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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