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  • Kellog System

    Kellog System Description

    Though it sits on the border of Vanduul space, the system is under heavy watch for two other reasons. The first is the discovery of life on Kellog II (Xis) which placed that planet under the protection of the Fair Chance Act. The second is that the UEE converted the system’s last planet into the prison world QuarterDeck (Kellog VI). However, frequent trips into the system by bounty hunters and haulers make it the busiest developing system in the UEE.

    - Kellog

    - Kellog I
    Located close to the system’s star, the planet’s surface is molten lava.

    Xis - Kellog II
    Xis (Kellog II) is a biologically diverse terrestrial world. It is home to the Orm, a primitive hominid-species that has earned the world protection under the Fair Chance Act. The planet’s jungles and warm seas have given rise to a wide variety of interes

    - Kellog III
    A smog world featuring a thick atmosphere that is completely inhospitable to Humans.

    - Kellog IV
    Surveys of this super-Earth revealed potential resources, but with its location near a Fair Chance Act planet and a major prison, access to the world has been limited.

    - Kellog V
    A gas dwarf with a rocky core and a thick, expansive atmosphere that is not ideal for refueling.

    Quarterdeck - Kellog VI
    An icy desert world that the UEE has turned into a prison. QuarterDeck houses hundreds of thousands of hardened criminals from across the Empire. An antimatter facility on site is staffed by prisoners sentenced to do labor.

    - JusticeStar Satellite
    Located in one of the QuarterDeck’s Lagrange points, this satellite is the central processing center for the prison world.

    - OB Station Pegasus
    Assigned to monitor the primitive species on Xis and protect them from outside influence, OB Pegasus is staffed by scientists and military personnel.

    PLANET3687NO2358Kellog I
    XisPLANET6121YES2359Kellog II
    PLANET6940NO2546Kellog III
    PLANET9269NO2547Kellog IV
    PLANET16409NO2412Kellog V
    QuarterdeckPLANET4550YES2417Kellog VI
    MANMADE0YES2416JusticeStar Satellite
    MANMADE0YES2545OB Station Pegasus

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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