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  • Tiber System

    Tiber System Description

    Discovered during the Project Far Star push, the UEE constructed multiple stations in the systems in lieu of terraforming the two planets. After the Vanduul attacks in Orion, Tiber quickly transformed into a military staging area. It was here where they managed to stop the Vanduul advance. The system became a battleground, leading to its ominous nickname, “Grinder.” The crushing defeat after the Siege of Tiber sent the UEE military scrambling back into Virgil.

    - Tiber

    - Tiber I
    A terrestrial planet with a thick layer of carbon dioxide that makes it barely breathable for Humans. Though technically habitable, the world’s atmosphere and hot temperatures make it a less than desirable place to live.

    - Tiber II
    This arid, desert world is covered in blood-red, copper dust and the charred debris of countless ships. Since the Vanduul are also known to establish temporary settlements here between raids, the planetside is scarred by repeated UEE bombing runs.

    - Tiber Belt Alpha
    The resources in this belt remain largely untapped due to fighting in the system and its strategic use as a mine field.

    PLANET4414YES1893Tiber I
    PLANET6771NO2410Tiber II
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Tiber Belt Alpha

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