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  • Osiris System

    Osiris System Description

    Osiris was one of the first systems protected under the Fair Chance Act. Discovered shortly before the Massacre of Garron II, the system wasn’t properly explored until after the Messer Regime fell. When native life was found on Etos (Osiris I) the FCA was swiftly put to use. While the system’s inner reaches are off limits, an observation station exist near Osiris I.

    - Osiris

    Etos - Osiris I
    Protected by the Fair Chance Act, this terrestrial planet sits on the inner edge of the green band and is so close to the star that its native species have evolved to avoid the harsh sun.

    - Osiris II
    A gas giant with naturally pure hydrogen.

    - Osiris Belt Alpha
    A dense asteroid belt that lacks sufficient deposits of heavy and rare metals to be of interest to the major mining consortiums.

    - OB Kobold
    Charged with monitoring and protecting Osiris I from intervention, OB Kobold is staffed by a mixture of scientists and military.

    EtosPLANET5075YES2367Osiris I
    PLANET39472NO2364Osiris II
    ASTEROID_BELT0YES0Osiris Belt Alpha
    MANMADE0YES2550OB Kobold

    Primary Intrest
    Indigenous Life Research
    Secondary Intrest
    Observation Station, Protection
    Divisional Intrest
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