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  • Fora System

    Fora System Description

    Located near Banu territory, surveyors were hopeful that Fora system could become another major trade hub. Unfortunately, it’s only habitable planet, Hyperion (Fora III), fell victim to a terraforming mishap that created a perpetual, planet-wide dust storm. Informal censuses of the area indicate that visitors are more likely to encounter a smuggler, outlaw or Banu settler than a UEE Citizen while in this five-planet system.

    - Fora

    - Fora I
    An uninhabited dwarf planet.

    - Fora II
    A coreless world that has few remaining resources after being thoroughly mined for the past several decades.

    Hyperion - Fora III
    Swirling storms of red-hued HyperClay cover the surface of this world as a result of a problematic terraforming process, making life difficult for Hyperion’s few residents.

    - Fora Belt Alpha
    A known drop point for smugglers to transfer contraband for others to transport them into Banu territory. This illegal activity can make it a dangerous place to travel through, especially with outlaws using the belt as a staging ground to ambush haulers e

    - Fora V
    An ice giant with a water and ammonia atmosphere.

    - Fora IV
    This gas giant is composed predominantly of hydrogen and helium.

    PLANET2464NO1276Fora I
    PLANET6093NO1274Fora II
    HyperionPLANET8560YES1273Fora III
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Fora Belt Alpha
    PLANET26179NO1406Fora V
    PLANET42304NO1405Fora IV

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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