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  • Bremen System

    Bremen System Description

    Discovered in 2441 during the Expansionist Era, Bremen didn’t offer any exotic resources or unique stellar compositions, so it was considered by many to be ‘unremarkable.’ The system developed slowly over the centuries and, aside from some notoriety as the main provider of rations during the Second Tevarin War (2603-2610), it retained its unassuming reputation. Recently it was revealed this innocuousness made Bremen an ideal launching place for the activists that overthrew the Messers.

    - Bremen

    - Bremen I
    A proto-planet that has no notable resources. A local superstition claims that flying past Bremen I can grant a pilot luck.

    Rytif - Bremen II
    Sparsely populated with a few settlements and mid-sized cities, the traditionally agrarian Rytif has seen a recent economical refocusing on tech and industrial sectors with the establishment of Consolidated Outlands’ headquarters in Stalford.

    - Bremen III
    Heavily mined over the previous centuries, little of worth remains on this coreless planet.

    - Bremen IV
    Though this massive ice giant has a wealth of hydrogen and other gasses, the risk associated with harvesting it has made Bremen IV an unsuitable world for gas collection.

    PLANET909NO2418Bremen I
    RytifPLANET8132YES2484Bremen II
    PLANET8675NO2420Bremen III
    PLANET16745NO2421Bremen IV

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Abundance of Gases
    Divisional Intrest
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