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  • Oso System

    Oso System Description

    The most advanced primitive species ever discovered by the UEE lives in the Oso System and is a source of endless fascination for scientists. Because the native species is so advanced, the UEE has built Observation Base Chimera to monitor traffic in the system.

    - Oso

    - Oso I
    This tidally locked planet features a lightside that is a churning sea of lava while its darkside is a cold, stark iron-rich landscape.

    - Oso II
    The planet has a lush biosphere and breathable atmosphere that would make it ideal for Human habitation if it weren’t for the discovery of the Osonians. This multi-limbed, primitive creature is one of many unusual species found to inhabit the Fair Chance

    - Oso III
    This gas giant is believed to have been a rogue Jupiter that was pulled into orbit around Oso’s star. It is slightly green and white in color due to silicate clouds.

    - Oso IV
    A planet lacking both a core and an atmosphere. While initial scans showed its surface was rich in minerals, recent scans show those reserves much depleted causing speculation that miners have found their way past the UEE patrols in the system.

    - Oso V
    An ice giant with a highly lethal atmosphere of ammonia vapor.

    - Oso VI
    A rocky dwarf planet completely lacking in resources.

    Yogi Station - OB Chimera
    Staffed by a rotating military contingent ordered to protect the system from outside interference. A recent Senate report revealed corruption among the staff and portrayed them as being less than diligent about doing their jobs.

    PLANET6049NO2375Oso I
    PLANET4313YES2426Oso II
    PLANET48344NO2370Oso III
    PLANET6906NO2369Oso IV
    PLANET27693NO2460Oso V
    PLANET3205NO2461Oso VI
    Yogi StationMANMADE0YES2462OB Chimera
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Indigenous Life Research
    Secondary Intrest
    Observation Station, Protection
    Divisional Intrest
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