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  • Chronos System

    Chronos System Description

    This vast, sparse system contains only two dead worlds closely circling the G-type main sequence star at the center. Chronos’ green zone was empty, making it the perfect location for the UEE’s ambitious Synthworld project. Currently, Chronos’ only landing zone is Archangel Station, which was built to observe and aid the Synthworld’s construction. Although the system’s need for resources might make it a tempting target for outlaws, the UEE maintains a military presence to safeguard the project.

    - Chronos

    Bruder - Chronos I
    Nicknamed Bruder, Chronos I is a tiny, barren rock that orbits fairly close to the sun. While there are a moderate amount of metallic ores available in the planet's crust, the surface temperature is prohibitive for mining operations of any significant dur

    Schwester - Chronos II
    The Synthworld's little sister lives near the outer edge of the system's so-called "red band". Chronos II has a very dense atmosphere, causing greenhouse effects to heat its surface to temperatures that are consistently higher than even Bruder's scorching

    Synthworld - Chronos III
    The Synthworld (also known as Project Archangel) is intended to be a temperate terrestrial planet. The UEE is building it in an attempt to prevent the need to terraform a world again.

    - Archangel Station
    An orbital station positioned above the Synthworld that houses the scientists and engineers who are attempting to build a planet. This station is also the port of entry for the vast resources needed to continue their project.

    BruderPLANET2920NO964Chronos I
    SchwesterPLANET8036NO2501Chronos II
    SynthworldPLANET7597NO2502Chronos III
    MANMADE0YES2091Archangel Station
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    Primary Intrest
    Synthworld Project
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    Divisional Intrest
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