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  • Min System

    Min System Description

    Min is unique among Human systems in that its main focus is not a star but, instead, a rogue gas giant with four orbiting moons. The system lacks resources or much of interest. Still, life has found a way to inhabit this system. Bioluminescent bacteria exist on Min 1b and a small group of settlers have even established an encampment there.

    Min I - Min
    Min I is a gas giant dominated by ammonia clouds. Unattached to any known star it is drifting through space and pulling four orbiting moons along with it.

    Min 1a - Min 1a
    An uninhabited, rocky moon that has been depleted of minerals.

    - Min 1b
    Min 1b is the largest moon orbiting the rogue gas giant. It has a thin atmosphere and is surprisingly warm because of the thermal heating produced by its eccentric orbit around Min 1. The moon even has bioluminescent bacteria living near hydrothermal vent

    - Min 1c
    The smallest moon in orbit around Min I. It lacks both an atmosphere and resources.

    - Min 1d
    A rocky moon whose landscape is dotted with impact craters.

    Min IPLANET66004NO0Min
    Min 1aSATELLITE0NO2147Min 1a
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Biological Research
    Secondary Intrest
    Gas Giant Centre
    Divisional Intrest
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