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  • Castra System

    Castra System Description

    Zoned as a staging area for Naval bombers, Castra was a key military position along the Perry Line during the Xi’An/Human tensions of 2530-2789. Once the Akari Treaty was recognized by Imperator Toi, the UEE military largely demilitarized the system and opened it for public habitation. Castra experienced a boom in population thanks to the inexpensive real estate that opened up in the wake of the military’s departure.

    - Castra

    - Castra I
    Castra’s first planet lacks an atmosphere or any raw materials worth mining. The UEE Navy stationed in the system used the dead world for bombing runs, earning the nickname “Bullseye.”.

    Cascom - Castra II
    Originally settled as a forward military base and training facility, Castra II was cleared for civilian habitation after the collapse of the Messer Era.

    PLANET4497NO2427Castra I
    CascomPLANET6767YES2487Castra II

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Bombing Runs
    Divisional Intrest
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