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  • Hades System

    Hades System Description

    Named after the ancient mythological underworld, Hades is an ancient battlefield of the dead. Xenoarchaelogists theorize that a system-wide civil war ended in the self-annihilation of the civilization. The UEE registry lists this unclaimed system as having three and a half planets. The “half planet” is Hades IV, which has been split in half by a mysterious force. Hades has endured as an archaeological curiosity for both scientists and the public alike, some of whom are convinced the Hadesian ‘planet-killer’ tech is somewhere in the system.

    - Hades

    - Hades I
    Even though this planet lacks an atmosphere, various craters and ruins indicate that Hadesians once occupied it. Some wonder whether the atmosphere was another victim of the system’s civil war.

    - Hades II
    Shattered Hadesian cities cover this planet, which suffers from a violent atmosphere filled with both volcanic ash and unrelenting winds.

    - Hades III
    A toxic atmosphere keeps most xenoarchaelogists from exploring this planet's ruins. The landscape is covered in impact craters hinting at the horrors that befell the system’s original occupants.

    - Hades IV
    Hades’ famous “half planet”. This world was split in two distinct halves by a mysterious force.

    - Hades IV split

    PLANET1508NO2531Hades I
    PLANET6575NO2227Hades II
    PLANET6535NO1982Hades III
    PLANET6145NO2454Hades IV
    ASTEROID_FIELD1NO0Hades IV split

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Planet-Killer' Tech
    Divisional Intrest
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