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  • Caliban System

    Caliban System Description

    Caliban is a former UEE system lost during the Vanduul push. The Fall of Caliban in 2884 is famous for being the last time a Vanduul Kingship was in UEE space. The ensuing battle also featured the Lost Squad’s last stand against overwhelming odds. Over six decades later, both worlds remain a feast for the harvesters of roaming Vanduul Clans.

    - Caliban

    - Caliban I
    A small, coreless world that has been mined of all its resources.

    Crion - Caliban II
    Prior to the Vanduul incursion, this small terraformed world was home to millions of Humans. Now Vanduul harvesters chew through the remnants of Human civilization.

    - Caliban III
    A desert world that was being terraformed when the Vanduul arrived. It began to revert to its original form when the terraforming machinery crashed into the planet.

    - Caliban IV
    A gas giant composed of massive clouds of silicate and iron that give it a grey-green color.

    - Caliban V
    A protoplanet lacking an atmosphere.

    - Caliban Belt Alpha
    Though it is unverified, many believed that this belt may have been picked clean by Vanduul Clans in the system.

    PLANET2581NO2203Caliban I
    CrionPLANET3694YES1875Caliban II
    PLANET4580NO2202Caliban III
    PLANET61045NO1877Caliban IV
    PLANET3012NO1878Caliban V
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Caliban Belt Alpha

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    Divisional Intrest
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