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  • Davien System

    Davien System Description

    The Davien System is famous for being the site of Humanity’s first alien encounter. Following first contact with the Banu in 2438, it only took a few months for Humanity to negotiate its first interstellar peace treaty. People and businesses flooded the system’s only habitable planet Cestulus (Davien II) to do business with the Banu. The system’s clout faded as larger and more stable jump points were discovered in other systems.

    - Davien

    - Davien I
    A small coreless planet void of mineable resources.

    Cestulus - Davien II
    Though terraformed, the thin atmosphere of the planet has lead to most of Cestulus' population living under biodomes. Trade with the Banu has waned over the years, but the planet still boasts robust commerce activity and is home to the corporate headquart

    - Davien III
    The planet’s highly acidic atmosphere makes it not suitable for visiting with most spacecraft.

    - Davien IV
    An uninhabited ice giant in close proximity to the Cathcart jump point. Orbiting the planet is the Banu Friendship Museum established to commemorate the first meeting of Humanity with the Banu.

    PLANET4615NO1221Davien I
    CestulusPLANET6096YES2551Davien II
    PLANET8997NO1223Davien III
    PLANET17870NO2563Davien IV

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Aegis Dynamics HQ, Commerce Activity
    Divisional Intrest
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