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  • Baker System

    Baker System Description

    Though the binary star system is of great interest to the scientific community, Baker has seen little use by the general civilian population. Poor placement of the planets makes terraforming impossible, and, as a result, the system’s sparse population is mostly confined to Xenia, a Covalex shipping hub near Baker-III. This relative isolation has made it an ideal spot for underground racing, the most well-known of which is the Able Baker Challenge.

    - Baker A

    - Baker I
    With a decaying orbit bringing the small planet closer to the system’s stars, Baker I is expected to collide with Baker A in approximately one hundred and fifty million years.

    - Baker II
    The atmosphere of this smog planet is so extremely toxic and corrosive that it is able to rapidly dissolve most modern hull and construction materials; making approaching the world a difficult and risky proposition.

    - Baker III
    Due to its expanding planetary radius, the Department of Transportation and Navigation have designated the ice giant as hazardous and recommend that civilians do not land on Baker III.

    - Baker IV
    There are very few landmarks on Baker IV’s atmosphere-free surface beyond the Shubin Interstellar outpost, GIO, from which the corporation oversees its mining operations across the planet.

    - Baker B

    - Covalex Shipping Hub Xenia
    Operated by Covalex Shipping, the Xenia station not only serves as a major cargo transfer hub for goods heading throughout the Empire, but also houses most of the permanent population in Baker system.

    STAR571567NO0Baker A
    PLANET3043NO2295Baker I
    PLANET6302NO2411Baker II
    PLANET24053NO1964Baker III
    PLANET4781YES1965Baker IV
    STAR621354NO0Baker B
    MANMADE0YES0Covalex Shipping Hub Xenia

    Primary Intrest
    Covalex Shipping Hub
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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