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  • Tyrol System

    Tyrol System Description

    Tyrol is a binary star system in danger of going nova. The looming cataclysmic, stellar explosion has left this system unclaimed and most of its planets uninhabited. Although the scientific community is keen to study the last stages of a star’s life, it is believed that the bulk of the system’s population are mainly criminals and those with nowhere else to go.

    - Tyrol A

    - Tyrol I
    This small planet’s rocky surface is being burned away by the dying star.

    - Tyrol II
    Based on planetary analysis, scientists speculate that this planet might have formerly been a super-Earth.

    - Tyrol III
    Various scientific expeditions to study the planet have led to a debate whether this coreless world was destroyed by the star’s evolution or never completely formed.

    - Tyrol IV
    Classified as a chthonian planet, it is a former gas giant that lost its atmosphere. The remaining, dense planet core is a source of gemstones.

    - Tyrol V
    A former ice giant that has been melted down to its rocky surface. Home to the system’s largest settlement, Haven, which has been built into the side of a vast canyon. Considered a bastion for those with no place left to go, living here is dangerous in ma

    - Tyrol VI
    A typical gas giant orbiting the system’s outer reaches. Useful as a refueling spot.

    - Tyrol VII
    A protoplanet so small some scientist debate whether it qualifies as one.

    - Tyrol Belt Alpha
    A dense asteroid belt that has valuable minerals for those willing to extract them.

    Lanisto - Tyrol 1a
    Small communities of smugglers and squatters now occupy abandoned research facilities on this moon.

    STAR3277584NO0Tyrol A
    PLANET2561YES2143Tyrol I
    PLANET5414NO2293Tyrol II
    PLANET3434NO2145Tyrol III
    PLANET11210NO2286Tyrol IV
    PLANET14620YES2149Tyrol V
    PLANET61793NO2150Tyrol VI
    PLANET1031NO2471Tyrol VII
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Tyrol Belt Alpha
    LanistoSATELLITE0YES0Tyrol 1a
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    System Development
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