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  • Oberon System

    Oberon System Description

    Located at a nexus of jump points, the Oberon system acts as a buffer between UEE and Vanduul space. Mineral deposits and a potentially habitable planet initially sparked UEE interest in the system, but Vanduul raids, harsh mining conditions on Oberon I (Gonn) and a terraforming tragedy on Oberon II (Uriel) led to it staying unclaimed.

    - Oberon

    - Oberon III
    Protoplanet near the system’s scant habitable zone.

    - Oberon IV
    Uninhabitable protoplanet.

    - Oberon V
    A mesoplanet without an atmosphere that has been stripped of valuable resources.

    Gonn - Oberon I
    Located on the inner edge of the habitable zone, miners battle this former star core's extreme hot and cold environments to extract its valuable resources.

    Uriel - Oberon II
    A prime terraforming candidate that failed when an attempt to raise the planet’s core temperature resulted in a perpetually inhospitable, freezing environment. While aboveground settlements exist, a majority of the planet’s population live in underground

    - Oberon VI
    A gas dwarf with a rocky core.

    - Oberon VII
    A Class IV gas giant comprised of carbon monoxide, leading to a high presence of alkali metals which give it its subdued coloring.

    PLANET2391NO2350Oberon III
    PLANET1873NO2352Oberon IV
    PLANET1029NO2354Oberon V
    GonnPLANET28484YES2348Oberon I
    UrielPLANET5263YES2349Oberon II
    PLANET48585NO2355Oberon VI
    PLANET52631NO2356Oberon VII

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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