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  • Rhetor System

    Rhetor System Description

    Rhetor is the center of higher learning in the UEE. It houses not only many of the UEE’s private and public universities, but a number of think tanks and theoretical research facilities as well. Because of this focus on education, Rhetor has the youngest average age of any system in the Empire.

    - Rhetor

    - Rhetor I
    A small, rocky mesoplanet with no terraforming prospects and an inhospitable climate.

    Persei - Rhetor II
    Persei is home to one of the most influential think tanks in the UEE: the University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification (UPARQ). Much of the new technological advancement for the UEE is thought to originate here. Because some of this governm

    Reisse - Rhetor III
    Reisse is home to a great number of prestigious higher learning institutions that offer a variety of education options to people of all walks of life. Students and employees of these renowned universities and colleges make up a large percentage of the pla

    Mentor - Rhetor IV
    A terraformed world at the very edge of Rhetor’s goldilocks zone, Mentor is known for its highly-rated universities with a populace largely composed of students and academics. The harsh boreal climate of the planet keeps much of its population indoors.

    - Rhetor V
    The chromatic atmosphere and swirling storms of Rhetor V make it a popular tourist destination for pilots and students from nearby planets.

    PLANET1148NO1822Rhetor I
    PerseiPLANET5265YES1815Rhetor II
    ReissePLANET6227YES2500Rhetor III
    MentorPLANET6678YES1823Rhetor IV
    PLANET64104NO2333Rhetor V
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Technology Development
    Divisional Intrest
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