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  • Nexus System

    Nexus System Description

    Nexus was technically an unclaimed system since its discovery, even though UEE-based mining consortiums descended on the planets to claim their resources. After the discovery of jump points into neighboring lawless systems, a criminal element moved in. Following Kellar’s Run, and the discovery of a new source of minerals in its asteroid belt in 2931, the UEE began to reassert its authority in the system, claiming it as part of the Empire and uprooting the criminals that were living there. These criminals haven’t left quietly, a battle for control of the system is still actively being waged.

    - Nexus

    - Nexus I
    A charred protoplanet that circles close to its star. It is devoid of any valuable resources.

    - Nexus II
    The dense, nitrogen-rich atmosphere of Nexus II has withstood all attempts at terraforming.

    - Nexus III
    A naturally habitable world designated for military use, access to Nexus III is prohibited by the UEE without official clearance.

    Lago - Nexus IV
    This mineral depleted planet has a surface marred by decades of strip mining. Recently, it has been settled by families of those stationed in the base on nearby Nexus III despite the still heavy pirate activity in the vicinity.

    The Red God - Nexus V
    A gas giant known by locals as the Red God.

    Elcibre Belt - Nexus Belt Alpha
    A sparse asteroid belt that has been heavily mined by the Hathor Group.

    PLANET1215NO2450Nexus I
    PLANET7427NO1804Nexus II
    PLANET7191YES1805Nexus III
    LagoPLANET7260YES2522Nexus IV
    The Red GodPLANET66969NO2451Nexus V
    Elcibre BeltASTEROID_BELT0NO0Nexus Belt Alpha

    Primary Intrest
    Pirate Activity
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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