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  • Orion System

    Orion System Description

    Orion System is the farthest human world discovered under Project Far Star. It was on this fledgling frontier planet that Humanity encountered the Vanduul for the first time. On August 9, 2681, a Vanduul raiding party struck a main post on Armitage. Subsequent raids occurred over a scattered number of years, the Messers began to treat this new alien as a mere annoyance. In 2712, that changed in what became known as the Battle of Orion which resulted in the UEE’s abandonment of the system.

    - Orion

    - Orion I
    A protoplanet thoroughly charred by the system’s sun.

    - Orion II
    This smog planet has an atmosphere composed mainly of sulfuric acid.

    Armitage - Orion III
    The site of the first Vanduul attack against Humanity. Armitage had a growing population and pastures capable of agricultural development prior to the attacks. Now the planet is a wasteland of abandoned Human settlements and plains pockmarked by blast cra

    Abyss - Orion IV
    A gas giant that has earned the nickname Abyss because it reflects very little light, appearing like a giant planet of coal.

    - Orion Belt Alpha
    An asteroid belt that had been classified as “mineral rich” before the retreat.

    PLANET2690NO1880Orion I
    PLANET8082NO1881Orion II
    ArmitagePLANET7438YES2406Orion III
    AbyssPLANET64080NO2409Orion IV
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Orion Belt Alpha

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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