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  • Elysium System

    Elysium System Description

    The ancestral home of the Tevarin species, Elysium was incorporated into the UPE at the end of the First Tevarin War (2542-2546) and cleared for Human habitation. The system became the focal point of the Second Tevarin War (2603-2610) when the shattered remnants of Warlord Corath’Thal’s fleet crashed into their former homeworld to end the conflict.

    - Elysium

    - Elysium I
    A rare example of a gas giant that formed in the outskirts of the system and migrated to its current orbit very close to the star.

    - Elysium II
    An uninhabited rock covered in deep impact craters. Scientists speculate that the planet was hit by a roaming asteroid. Tevarin historians have not contributed to this discussion.

    Vosca - Elysium III
    A sprawling arid desert, the surface of Vosca is a merciless environment. Inhabitants constructed the large arcology of Reza’s Landing to shield themselves from the raging sandstorms.

    Jalan - Elysium IV
    The former Tevarin homeworld of Kaleeth, Jalan is a beautiful alien world, known for its fields of stunning and bizarre rock formations. The planet still maintains some of the oldest Tevarin structures that managed to survive both wars. A handful of them

    - Elysium V
    A distant, dead planet on a long orbit around the star.

    PLANET46181NO1253Elysium I
    PLANET7320NO2568Elysium II
    VoscaPLANET3786YES1403Elysium III
    JalanPLANET3348YES1249Elysium IV
    PLANET924NO1259Elysium V

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