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  • Idris System

    Idris System Description

    Idris is a five-planet system whose role in the First Tevarin War would forever change the UEE. The system’s only inhabited planet, Locke (Idris IV), was experiencing a population boom before it was captured by the Tevarin in 2542. Two years later, the operation to retake Locke almost failed until a young Captain Ivar Messer took command and led UPE forces to victory. The battle turned the tide of the war and is considered Messer’s first step on the path to becoming Imperator.

    - Idris

    - Idris I
    This planet’s iron core has solidified after its crust and mantle were worn away.

    - Idris II
    This uninhabited world is surrounded by a dense volatile and toxic atmosphere.

    - Idris III
    Oceans of hot high-density fluid mixtures of water, ammonia and other volatiles make the surface of this world uninhabitable.

    Locke - Idris IV
    Though it has made an impressive recovery in the centuries since, this terraformed world still bears the orbital bombardment scars it earned during the First Tevarin War.

    - Idris V
    This small protoplanet has been completely strip-mined since its discovery.

    PLANET1210NO2298Idris I
    PLANET4680YES1321Idris II
    PLANET6084NO1412Idris III
    LockePLANET7605YES2537Idris IV
    PLANET3942NO1317Idris V

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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