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  • Ferron System

    Ferron System Description

    For centuries, this four-planet system was an economic powerhouse thanks to Asura (Ferron III). The planet’s vast deposits of rare minerals built a prosperous and populated system. Once Asura’s minerals were depleted, the system became a shell of its former self. People and businesses moved away and left the planet plagued by poverty and widespread industrial pollution. Unfortunately, Ferron’s other three planets offered little to elevate the system’s status.

    - Ferron

    - Ferron I
    Due to the lack of natural resources, this small planet’s most notable quality is the debate among scientists as to whether it’s a protoplanet or mesoplanet.

    - Ferron II
    A coreless planet without an atmosphere, Ferron II was descended upon by mining consortiums desperate for more resources after the depletion of Ferron III.

    Asura - Ferron III
    A terrestrial planet with vast deposits of rare minerals when it was surveyed, Asura quickly ascended to one of the richest planets in the UPE. When the last mineral was harvested, the planet began to collapse into poverty.

    - Ferron IV
    Ferron’s only gas giant has an atmosphere with a thick layer of metallic hydrogen which behaves like a giant electrical conductor and can be severely problematic for a ship’s sensitive avionics.

    PLANET1949NO1268Ferron I
    PLANET6340NO2569Ferron II
    AsuraPLANET6884YES1966Ferron III
    PLANET86505NO1404Ferron IV

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    Divisional Intrest
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