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  • Yā’mon (Hadur) System

    Yā’mon (Hadur) System Description

    A former Perry Line system, Yā’mon (then known as Hadur) was ceded to the Xi’An Empire as part of the Akari/Kr.ē Treaty. The Xi’An are currently terraforming two of the system’s planets. Historically known to terraform planets towards a specific need, the Xi’An have not revealed how they plan to utilize these worlds once the process is complete.

    - Yā’mon (Hadur)

    - Yā’mon (Hadur) I
    A small, tidally locked planet with few resources of note.

    - Yā’mon (Hadur) II
    This terrestrial world is currently being terraformed by the Xi’An. Once habitable, it is not known what purpose the Xi’An will assign the planet.

    - Yā’mon (Hadur) III
    The blackened rocky surface of this terrestrial world is no longer visible from orbit as Xi’An terraformers flood the atmosphere with violet gas to make the world habitable. The planet’s eventual purpose has yet to be revealed by the Xi’An.

    - Yā’mon (Hadur) IV
    A dwarf planet with little in the way of resources.

    - Yā’mon (Hadur) Belt Alpha
    Mining operations recently begun in earnest as more and more resources are needed for the ongoing terraforming projects.

    STAR884563NO0Yā’mon (Hadur)
    PLANET3991NO2098Yā’mon (Hadur) I
    PLANET5951NO2099Yā’mon (Hadur) II
    PLANET5406NO2552Yā’mon (Hadur) III
    PLANET2614NO2101Yā’mon (Hadur) IV
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Yā’mon (Hadur) Belt Alpha

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    Divisional Intrest
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