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  • Kins System

    Kins System Description

    This system is best known for having the Banu’s main indentured servitude market. The practice is a traditional and accepted part of Banu society and treated as such here. On the whole, the system is considered more dangerous than other Banu Systems, but most of that can be blamed on the Human element that frequents it.

    - Kins

    - Kins Belt Alpha
    A very thin band of smaller asteroids.

    - Kins Belt Beta
    This distant belt has only been nominally mined.

    - Kins I
    A mesoplanet that has been exhaustively mined, but has continued to attract mining expeditions nonetheless.

    - Kins II
    A naturally oxygen-based terrestrial planet, Kins II is home to the indentured servants markets that the planet is now famous for. Outside of the Banu cities, however, travelers have noted ruins in areas that the Banu have not settled in. The stylings don

    - Kins III
    A super-Earth that has been mined clean of its resources. Abandoned encampments and exhausted strip mines are all that is left on this planet.

    - Kins IV
    An ice planet with a surface that appears to be on fire. This hot ice planet has a high pressure atmosphere that keeps water from evaporating and instead forces it back to its core. The atmospheric conditions makes it inhospitable and impossible to mine f

    - Kins V
    A typical gas giant swirling with ammonia clouds.

    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Kins Belt Alpha
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Kins Belt Beta
    PLANET708NO2388Kins I
    PLANET7082YES1584Kins II
    PLANET8481NO2390Kins III
    PLANET9043NO2391Kins IV
    PLANET81153NO1608Kins V

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Mining Expeditions
    Divisional Intrest
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