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  • Kayfa System

    Kayfa System Description

    The Kayfa System has gained religious significance in Xi’An culture as it is often the destination for religious tourists and pilgrims. During the days of the Messer Era, Kayfa was one of the more heavily fortified and protected systems, indicating its cultural significance to the Xi’An. Finally, Kayfa’s best known export is the Centennial Bloom, a plant famous for blossoming for only one night every hundred years.

    - Kayfa

    - Kayfa I
    A terrestrial world with an atmosphere that’s rich in carbon compounds and limited in oxygen, making it look like a mix of black, brown and dark red hues from space.

    - Kayfa II
    A terraformed terrestrial world with an unbelievably long daily rotation. One day on Kayfa II is 100 Xi’An years (approximately 128 Standard Earth Years). The 100 year day has attained religious significance and led monks to believe there is nothing holie

    - Kayfa III
    A gas dwarf that was once considered then passed over as a candidate for platform-based colonization.

    - Kayfa IV
    A gas dwarf orbiting the system’s outer reaches.

    PLANET2915NO2284Kayfa I
    PLANET9040YES2179Kayfa II
    PLANET20882NO1918Kayfa III
    PLANET22161NO1921Kayfa IV
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